New Dynabook business laptops sport 10-gen Intel vPro chips

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  • New Dynabook business laptops with Intel vPro microchips will be available before the end of the second quarter this year.
  • Top features of the Portégé X and Tecra A series laptops include Wi-Fi 6 and system security.
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Intel vPro on Dynabook

It will not be long before you can buy one of the Dynabook business laptops with Intel vPro microchips. The company announced that these devices will be available before the end of the second quarter this year.

This announcement coincided with the introduction of the new 10-gen Core vPro processors from Intel.

Laptops built for business

The use of vPro processors on Dynabook Portégé X Series and Tecra A Series should help deliver some powerful devices for business applications. Besides, the laptops come with superior WiFi connectivity and stronger security.

Dynabook appears to be targeting enterprises that prioritize things like PC performance. Addressing chip security makes sense too considering that processors are always a target for hacking.

Portégé X30L-G

The Portégé series has a deep history, but one thing about it that has not changed is its portability. It has always been superlight. The X30L-G carries on the tradition, with Dynabook terming it as the lightest 13.3-inch laptop in the whole world.

The device weighs 1.92 pounds, and it starts at $1,373.99.

Other Portégé laptops with a 10th gen Intel Core chip are X30-G, X40-G, and X50-G.

Tecra A30-G

The Tecra A series includes the A30-G laptop, which starts at $444.99. Although it has the same display size as the X30L-G, it is heavier, weighing 2.65 pounds.

It is still the thinnest and lightest in the Tecra A family.

One of its top features is Wi-Fi 6, which meets the 802.11ax next-gen standard for connectivity. It also includes USB-C, another faster data transfer standard.

Tecra A40-G is the other notebook in this series that has an Intel vPro chip. It starts at $399.99.

So, if you are looking for a low-end laptop, the Tecra series is an ideal choice.

Intel is building its next-gen processors to support business functions that demand high computing power. Robust and faster communication and cybersecurity are also a vital goal.

If these processors deliver on their promise, most PC makers will be racing to put them on their devices.

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