Tab and History sync support added to Microsoft Edge Canary

by Vlad Constantinescu
Vlad Constantinescu
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  • Microsoft has started to deliver Tabs and History sync support in the latest Edge Canary versions, but only for a certain group of users.
  • Apparently, the features have been rolling out to Mac users, but Windows should expect them too, anytime soon.
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Edge Canary Tab & History Sync support

Windows’ popular built-in web browser, Edge, is constantly under heavy development, as Microsoft likes to remind us quite often.

You probably know that the browser is now finally based on Chromium, which is a huge leap forward for both the browser and its early adopters.

However, the recent engine update was missing some of Chromium’s awesome features.

To be more precise, Microsoft Edge was still lacking Tab and History Sync support, even after the update. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Starting with Edge Canary update 88.0.682.0, Microsoft started to roll out Tab and History sync support. However, these features only seem to be available for Mac users.

What is Edge Canary?

Edge Canary version check

Edge Canary is one of the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels. Currently, there are three such download channels:

  • Beta Channel
    • Releases a major update every 6 weeks
  • Dev Channel
    • Receives updates weekly
  • Canary
    • Released automatically every night (almost)

The Canary download channel is certainly the best way to keep yourself up to speed with Microsoft‘s new Edge developments.

However, as you may notice in the long run, it’s also the least stable version, as it can suffer modifications and makeovers from one Canary version to the next one.

How to get Tab and History Sync in Edge?

Currently, only Mac users can test the new Chromium Edge features, Tab and History sync, by installing the latest Edge Canary on their devices and accessing the Sync settings.

Needless to say, Windows 10 users will also probably get to see the new features soon, although there’s no ETA on it. Note that Sync must be enabled for the customization options to become available.

Quick recap:

  1. Install the latest Edge Canary version on your PC
  2. Check if the version is 88.0.682.0 or newer
  3. Access your Sync settings
  4. Make sure Sync is on
  5. Toggle the Open tabs and History sync features on

What do you think about the upcoming Edge synchronization features? If you already received them, tell us all about it in the comments section below.