5 best email backup software to keep your data safe [2020 Guide]

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Ever emptied your trash bin only to realize some months later that you deleted an email with important information that you urgently need? Well, it happened to me–and the most frustrating part; Google could not retrieve the email. And that’s when I came to realize the importance of having an email backup software. You can hardly tell how long Google keeps your deleted emails on their server.

Some speculate no more than 30 days, others no more than 90 days and the majority don’t even have an inkling. This is why it’s recommended to have an email backup software so as to be on the safe side. An email backup software has all you need to suit your backup needs, and they are incredibly easy to use. In this roundup, we will highlight 5 of the best free and paid utilities to handle your email backups.

Top 5 free and paid email backup software

SysTools Email Backupsystools gmail backup screenshot

Systools Email Backup is a powerful software to backup and keeps safe your emails. We recommend this tool, especially for the users of Gmail and Hotmail as the developers focused on these mailboxes (the most popular, in fact). You will be able to save on your PC not only the emails from your mailbox but also all the contacts, calendar, and documents. If you want to export the emails in Outlook, the tool will help you convert them into an Outlook format.

The tool comes in bundle offers which costs less, but for Gmail users, the software costs $29. You will also find a free version to download and test on your PC in the link below.

Handy Backup

handy mail backup windows 10

Handy Backup provides several backup types so you can use it for different purposes. With it, you can always backup a file, folder or anything you would like to backup without having to backup the entire system. It’s a great tool for those of you, folks, who want to archive/backup emails. You can secure your backups with passwords and 128-bit encryption.

For more features, you will have to purchase the more advanced versions of Handy Backup. You will need it only in case of a ‘disaster recovery’ need. But for mails – Standard and Pro versions are the best. Fast, secure, precise and feature-focused, Handy Backup will become one of your favorite backup/restore/save tool.

Mailstore Home

best email backup software

Mailstore Home lets you backup all your email messages from multiple email accounts into one secure and searchable archive. With Mailstore Home, you can backup all your email messages into one central archive even if they are distributed across different mailboxes, programs, or computers. You can do this either on a USB drive as a portable option or on PC. You can import and manage emails from Outlook, Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, any POP mailboxes and many other online accounts.

Mailstore Home does not back up your account contacts or settings, although you can recover that from the email messages. It enables you to backup from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, any POP3 and IMAP account, Webmailer, Mozilla Seamonkey, and from imported archive files. It also has a lightning fast search option that allows you to retrieve an email within a snap of a finger. You can even reply to messages directly from Mailstore.

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Download Mailstore

KLS Mail Backup


KLS Mail Backup is a reliable email backup solution and has support for most of the popular email clients. Besides emails, it also offers backup support for some of the popular internet programs. KLS backup uses the common zip files to archive messages, making it easy for you to access the backups. Each step of the backup and retrieval processes employs wizard like dialogue boxes that makes the process seamless and intuitive.

KLS Mail Backup allows you to backup and to restore your Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, and Firefox profile files. Backup for popular internet programs such as Opera, Internet Explorer profiles, IncrediMail profiles, The Bat profiles and more is also offered. However, KLS Mail does not backup IMAP or POP accounts so you cannot use it to back up webmail accounts like Gmail directly.

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