5 best apps to mine Ethereum on Windows 10

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Bitcoin is undisputedly the king of cryptocurrencies. However, given its tendency to be volatile, other cryptocoins have grown in popularity. Perhaps, the main competitor to Bitcoin is Ethereum, which was created by Vitalik Buterin in the early 2000s. If you are interested in mining Ethereum, and you’re not sure where to start, then you will want to read this list of best apps to mine Ethereum Windows 10. These apps are fairly easy to use and all work on the Windows 10 platform.

Ethereum mining apps for Windows 10



First up is MinerGate, which was created by a group of cryptocurrency devotees. This application works on Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, and Fedora. It has a very user friendly interface and offers several unique features.

The primary unique feature MinerGate provides is its merged mining service. With this service you can mine several different crypto coins at the same time, without any decrease in hashrate! In addition to mining Ethereum, you can also mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

All in all, MinerGate is a great tool for mining Ethereum that is both quick and easy to use. It has been reported to be capable of using your hardware’s maximum processing power. You can also choose how much you want your hardware to be working on mining cryptocoins. In other words, if you are using a mining computer for other tasks, then you will find this software to be useful.

Download MinerGate



Wineth is another extremely simple application that works perfectly on the Windows 10 OS. It has a good deal of positive reviews, and has a great reputation. One reason why Wineth is popular is that it takes little to no configurations to get things running. The software also comes with a wallet and access to proxy servers (Useful for users in restricted areas).

This Ethereum mining software automatically pays you and updates their systems. If you are planning on using your hardware for other tasks , then you can switch Wineth to background mode. In background mode, Wineth will only use a small portion of your computer’s processing power. You can also choose for Wineth to only run/mine when your computer is idle. This way you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your work or play.

Perhaps one of the best things of Wineth is that it is validated by DigiCert. This should mean that you will be using servers that have very strong security.

On the other hand, Wineth is not completely free. Yes, it is free to download, but you pay the developers by giving 1% of your mining time for them. In other words, the way it seems to work is that if you were to mine for 100 hours, 1 hour will mine Ethereum exclusively for the team behind Wineth. It’s debatable whether or not this deal is good or not. If you don’t mind lending your computer’s processing power to mine Ethereum every now and then, then Wineth is a great application to use, especially for beginners.

Download Wineth

Official Go Ethereum

The application is promoted to be immune to fraud, censorship, downtime, and third party interference. You can use the application as a standalone client or as part of a library. The standalone project named Geth, works on all major operating systems, including Windows 10. Go Ethereum can also be embed in your Android, iOS, or Go projects for greater convenience.

We recommend this application because it is one of the safest clients to use and there doesn’t seem to be any fees like Wineth. It might take sometime to learn how to use Geth, but it will be worth it in the end.

Download Official Go Ethereum


Ethminer is a GPU mining worker that is used to mine Ethereum. It is actively maintained and updated. It originated from the CPP-Ethereum project. However, the CPP-ethereum project has discontinued its mining feature. Therefore, Ethminer has been set up for users who like the platform. It also builds on the Genoil’s fork improvements, which means that you will have more features to work with.

Here are the features:

  • Farm failover
  • OpenCL picking for devices
  • Mining for Nvidia CUDA
  • Mining for OpenCl
  • Realistic benchmarking
  • Much More!

One great thing about Ethminer is that there is a portable version. In other words, you only have to download and extract to be able to get things going. On the other hand, Ethminer is a command line software. This means that it is not as user friendly as other software mentioned in this list.

However, if you are an experienced miner or you do not mind learning a few codes to input into Windows command prompt, then Ethminer is a great choice for you.

Download Ethminer



Before we proceed it is important to note that Parity has had a security breach in the past where millions of dollars worth of Ethereum has been stolen. Since then, they’ve beefed up security so it is up to you to decide whether they are worth using. You could also look into getting insurance if you are concerned about security.

That being said, there are a good deal of reasons why you would use Parity. It offers users a number of ways to interact with the Ethereum blockchain through a fast and secure network. Furthermore, it is built in such a way that makes it optimized for users, companies, and developers.

Download Parity


This brings us to the end of the best apps to mine Ethereum windows 10 list. It is recommended to install only one of these programs on your computer. Installing more than one is counterproductive as it can reduce processing power used for mining Ethereum. Some say that cryptocurrencies is the future, while others say it’s a passing faze.

However, the one thing we do know now is that cryptocurrencies can be traded for fiat currencies, which in turn can be used to buy products that you want. In fact, there are some online retailers and even brick and mortar retailers that accept some forms of cryptocoins as payment.

What do you think will happen to cryptocoins in the future? Feel free to comment and discuss below!

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