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  • The Exchange Server Management tool allows you to manage the Exchange Server and Active Directory from a single console.
  • ADManager Plus is our greatest pick of the best Exchange Server Management tools.
  • ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is the best tool for managing and monitoring database health.
exchange server management tools 
ManageEngine ADManager Plus simplifies the Active Directory (AD) processes and workflows so your IT manager can focus on the more important things. AD, Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams management and reporting are all covered!

  • Create multiple user accounts in one go
  • Modify the attributes of multiple users at once using CSV file import
  • Enable or disable users, and set account expiration dates of users in bulk
  • Change passwords of a single or multiple users

Manage all the Active Directory (AD) processes and workflows with one tool!

Microsoft Exchange Server is deployed on the Windows Server operating system. It includes Microsoft’s email, contact, calendaring, scheduling, and collaboration platform. However, organizations can use Exchange Server Management tools to implement administrative needs to improve the performance of the Active Directory.

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What does an Exchange Management tool do?

The Exchange Management tool offers an all-in-one user management console that allows admins to manage the Exchange Server and Active Directory from a single console.

Also, it enhances mailbox management delegation, Exchange mailboxes deletion or disabling, creating resource mailboxes, etc.

Furthermore, the Exchange Management tool is software for implementing administrative needs into features. Also, it functions as a monitor and controls Windows Active Directory and Exchange to improve its performance.

Many tools are available for managing and monitoring your Exchange and Windows Active Directory. Our best picks are the ones below.

What are the best Exchange Server Management tools?

ADManager Plus – Best for easy administration of Exchange Servers

ADManager Plus

The ADManager Plus is an Exchange management tool that sets mail properties like mailbox size and recipient.

Also, it manages mailbox recovery while creating mailboxes for users and reduces the stress associated with monitoring the Exchange.

However, the tool has some notable features that set it above others. These features are:

  • It allows one to manage the Exchange Server and Windows Active Directory from a single console
  • Likewise, it manages the number of accesses to the server
  • It allows admins to set an offline address book for users in a few clicks
  • Also, it can set bulk offline address books by printing and importing a CSV file
  • Admins can create and set mailbox properties during user creation in the Active Directory
  • ADManager Plus eliminates the need to use Exchange Management Console and Exchange Management Shell

ADManager Plus

Manage the Exchange Server and Windows Active Directory seamlessly, from a single console.

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ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus – Monitoring database health

ManageEngine Reporter

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is an Exchange Management service that provides over 100 reports on each aspect of the server environment. Also, it is a web-based reporting and analysis tool. It provides the administrator with precise, detailed, and usable data.

The following are the most significant features of the ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus:

  • It can be used for on-premise and cloud Exchange activities, making it more versatile and productive than its competitors.
  • It has a comprehensive dashboard that shows details of alert counts, the most recent server exchange and their severity, and servers using the most CPU and system resources.
  • ManageEngine provides insight into mailbox sizes and growth, allowing you to compare the data against quota limits and track the entry and exit of emails alongside their content.
  • It offers a log monitoring system for viewing the database health and tracking metrics like memory usage, disk IO, and cache status.  
  • Provision of live exchange metrics and automatic detection method for new Exchange servers.

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ManageEngine OpManager – Best alerting system

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a network monitoring tool with built-in Microsoft Exchange functionalities.

It has an advanced alerting mechanism that notifies you immediately when there is a problem with any sector of the Exchange server. Also, it makes it easier for admins to identify and rectify irregularities.

Furthermore, some great features that come with the management tool are:

  • It offers a consistent and precise alerting system that notifies you if there is a problem or anything that falls out of your routine. Also, it alerts you whenever it detects an imminent failure of Microsoft Exchange.
  • The tool comes with in-built reporting formats and supports customized reports on data collected. It has an easy-to-use user interface and a friendly functionality to navigate.
  • Increases performance by monitoring the mailbox performance counters, active and inactive mailboxes, and deleting inactive mailboxes to clean up the system.
  • Creates live inventories by using automatic network discovery while using network maps to allow administrators to track assets and network sizes.
  • It is suitable for large and small networks and can transmit the overall health of Microsoft Exchange and its components through mobile apps on smartphones and tablets.

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SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor – Dashboard customization

SolarWinds server & application monitor

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor supports physical and virtual servers and provides advanced Microsoft Exchange management and monitoring services. It helps to detect and investigate issues through its dashboard.

However, some key features that come with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor are:

  • Its auto-discovery process makes it easy to set. It has an easy-to-use user interface that shows stored data and stats in a graph or table format.
  • It notifies users of issues by sending out alerts regarding problems detected in the server to help prevent further incidents in Microsoft Exchange and fix the issue.
  • The dashboard customization process allows you to redefine its look to suit your needs, and you can use the drag-and-drop widgets to customize it.
  • It uses the data from alerts on free space, database use, transaction history, and the average mailbox to plan mailbox capacity.

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Paessler PRTG Network Monitor – Best for tracking workload

Paessler PRTG Network monitor

The Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is a network monitoring service that provides detailed information about your IT infrastructure. It includes pre-configured sensors dedicated to the Microsoft Exchange server. Also, it enhances a swift response to issues by sending quick alerts.

Some great features of the Paessler PRTG Network Monitor are:

  • It continuously monitors the Microsoft Exchange server activities and how they operate.
  • Also, it tracks the workload and database capacity and ensures that emails deliver on time without delay:
  • It instantly alerts you if the mail server is down or there are any performance issues by sending an email, SMS, or push notification in the app.
  • You can use the drag-and-drop editor to customize and build views and reports on the app.
  • It offers a monitoring service that covers logins and later emails, mailbox sizes and capacities, the number of emails in the mail queue, and the Microsoft Exchange server’s public folders.

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