Explorer.exe crashes in Windows 10 April Update 1803/1804 [FIX]

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explorer.exe crashes

Slow and Release Preview Insiders can now test Windows 10 build 17134 and check if Dona Sarkar’s team managed to fix the annoying bugs that blocked the initial Spring Creators Update release. Insiders already reported that this build version comes with a few issues of its own, but these are not severe bugs.

However, recent user reports revealed that the current Windows 10 April 2018 Update build also brings some major bugs as well. More specifically, Explorer.exe crashes every 3-5 seconds and this triggers a series of additional issues, including Start Menu issues, app and program launch problems, and more. Here’s how one Insider describes this major bug:

I know Windows 10 1803/1804 update was delayed due to a “blocking bug” – think I know what this bug is as I’ve experienced it on 3 different computers running the Slow/Fast ring updates. The bug I’ve experienced causes Explorer.exe to crash every 3-5 seconds – the start menu does not work, the task bar keeps resetting and the computer is near enough un-usable.

Microsoft has yet to officially acknowledge this problem but, as Redditors point out, the fact that the company delayed the release of the April update suggests the Redmong giant is aware of this bug. Most likely, Microsoft’s engineers are already working on a fix.

Meanwhile, there is a temporary solution that you can use to fix this problem. Go to Settings > Privacy > Activity History > uncheck the option “Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the cloud“. Once you’ve done this, simply switch to another Settings page, and then return to the previous one. Go to “Clear Activity History” and hit the “Clear” button. Explorer.exe should stop crashing now.

Have you encounter other Windows 10 version 1803/1804 bugs? Tell us more about your experience in the comments below.


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For some reason the “download even if dataplan blaablaaaa” -option can’t be turned on in the update settings, it immediately bounces back to off. So won’t I get any updates now???? I gotta say, Redmond never disappoints, THREE YEARS IN AND THIS GARBAGE IS STILL IN BETA.

I installed 1803 last night and since then I can’t do anything, frequent blue screen and after restart it freezes apps, chrome and bluetooth is gone. really irritated.

3 blue screens and a bunch of hard resets required in the hours since the update was installed. What a terrible terrible release.

Above you state that the Start Menu does not work
How are you supposed to Go to Settings > Privacy > Activity History > uncheck the option “Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the cloud“.
When you cannot click on the Start Menu

Try pressing the Windows key. It works for me… sometimes. I have a machine that shuts down when I click the Start button. 🙁

Start button is not functional.. As well as any other keyboard shortcuts such as windows+i to get to settings.

Same issue here. And trying to start the settings app via “start ms-settings:” doesn’t work either, gets a “file system error (-2147219200)” message.