Facebook message is sent but not delivered? Here’s why

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  • Facebook Messanger employs various statuses to mark the sent/received messages. Oftentimes, these statuses raised confusion among users.
  • In this article, we'll be looking at the sent and delivered status, and why these are different.
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what does it mean when message is sent but not delivered
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Facebook Messenger is one of the leading messaging platforms worldwide with more than 1.3 billion users.

Interestingly enough, as the digital messaging user base started to grow, fans have become more obsessed with the status of their communication attempt.

Naturally, Messenger employs several message statuses to allow users to see whether a message has been delivered, sent, or seen. But there’s no status for ignored or blocked messages, which stirs confusion about whether the message has been really received.

The bottom line, each status means something else and we’re delving deeper into the matter to learn more.

What does it mean if a message is sent but not delivered?

In short, it means that you should not despair, there’s still hope!

No, seriously speaking, the explanation can be either human or technical. Namely that your message got through to the receiver, but they didn’t read it, or that they actually have not received the message yet on their side.

There’s a slight difference between a sent message and a delivered message, and it depends on the action performed by the receiver, namely whether they accept the message and read it, or whether they push it aside.

Why can a message be sent but not delivered?message send but not delivered

  • It might be a problem on the recipient side – a server problem, an Internet problem, a settings problem, or something similar.
  • There might be some delays between the moment you send the message and the moment when the recipient opens it (although they have received the message).
  • A slow connection on your end will also have a delay in update the status of the message.
  • The recipient can be connected to Facebook, but just not actively looking through their messages to see yours.what' the difference between sent and delivered messages
  • The recipient might have quickly read your message from the notification or status bar, but the app will not mark it as delivered or seen until the recipient actually opens the conversation with you.
  • If you send a message to a person that is not your Facebook friends/ Messenger contacts, your messages get in a Message Requests folder and your message will be marked as delivered when the other person has accepted it.
  • Or it’s just that the recipient has deliberately ignored your message.

Hopefully, now you know why a Facebook message can be sent but not delivered. If you have related questions or comments, please use the dedicated section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can go to their Messenger profile, and scroll down until you see a Block messages option. If you can’t also see Ignore messages above, it means your messages are being ignored.

  • A message can be sent from your side, but not delivered on the recipient’s side. It can be a connectivity problem or a settings problem, or just that they ignored the message. Knowing how to use Facebook in your browser can also help.

  • Facebook changed its policy, and will now notify you when you are about to share an article that is more than 90 days old. However, you can still share it anyway.

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