Here’s how Windows 10 v1709 works on AMD Ryzen CPUs

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fall creators update AMD Ryzen CPU

It’s been almost a week since Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 version 1709 to the general public, having brought a long list of new features and improvements that users love. It’s a marvel how  Windows 10 works so well considering how diverse the hardware ecosystem is, but sometimes this diversity may cause issues.

Now, if you own an AMD Ryzen CPU and you’re wondering whether you should install the Fall Creators Update or not, you’re in the right place. We scoured forums for you and can tell you what others have said about running this version of Windows 10 on AMD Ryzen CPUs.

The Fall Creators Update on AMD’s Ryzen

If you overclocked your PC, expect CPU speed to drop a bit. It’s still unclear whether the Task Manager is reporting speed incorrectly or if the update actually slows down your CPU.

I have a Ryzen 1700, which is overclocked to 3.85ghz.
Prior to the fall creators update, the CPU speed in Task Manager was always sitting at 3.85ghz.
Now after the update, it fluctuates between 3.5ghz and 3.7ghz in the task manager only. The base speed still shows as 3.85ghz however, and I also checked CPUZ/Aida where the CPU speed is showing as 3.85ghz.

The good news is that FPS drops are now less severe and are rare than before installing the update.

Tried Rainbow 6 Siege and there indeed is improvement. Used to drop down to 45 fps in the benchmark scenario when you go into the first room where there are a bunch of people. Right now I do not drop below 70 fps

Actually, some of the games that were literally unplayable after the Creators Update became playable once users upgraded to the Fall Creators Update.

While there might not be much max FPS gains, at least two games became playable after the Fall update on Ryzen CPUs. These are Shadows of War and Artika.1, both unplayable messes with the Spring Creator Update ;p. Shadows of War would only benchmark at 40 fps no matter the settings and when playing the actual game, any complex scene in a city would drop to 40 FPS, again no matter what settings were used – this has all been fixed with the Fall update. For Artika.1, the game stuttered like crazy on Ryzen processors before the Fall update.

It is worth mentioning that you may not notice these improvements on all games.

If you own an AMD Ryzen-powered computer and installed Windows 10 v1709, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.

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Avatar Sans

My AMD Ryzen CPU 3.X GHZ (desktop) using only 25 to 35% on window 10 pro. It is very slow.
I am processing lots of images through imagemagic.

However imagemagic exe is using 70 to 80% on intel i3 windows 10 dell laptop. Processing is fast here.
Please help me.

Avatar Mark Steenrod

my Xbox 1x appears to be blanking out the screen when I navigate to the TV, Netflix or amazon.

I setup the 1x last night. Everything worked for ~3 hours. Cable to Xbox to AVR to TV. All through HDMI. Went to bed.

Started Xbox through Kinect voice commands. Screen was blank (auto set to go directly to TV).

Reatarted console. Screen was blank.

Checked all connections. Good.

Unplugged and plugged Xbox hdmi. Screen showed for a few seconds and faded to black.

Tried cold reboot to 640 res. Once booted back up could see dashboard. Updated to 1080. Navigated to TV. Went to black.

Hard reboot. See green screen. Get to dashboard. Navigate to amazon (1) or Netflix (2) screen goes to black.

After several attempts now blank screen everytime.

Avatar Duane

How did you perform a cold reboot on the Xbox 1x?

Avatar Mark Steenrod

Hold the power button and the eject button. You’ll hear 2 beeps one immediately and the next after 5-10 seconds. Hold until second beep.

Avatar Duane

I’m having the same issue. The first night everything went well I played Wolfenstein for about an hr. Turned the console off and went to bed. The next day after work I tried powering up which it does fine, but my tv can’t find the source I tried swapping several hdmi cables and set it up on 3 different TVs and still the same just a black screen. Has anyone else experienced this?