Fallout 4's new Next Gen Update 2 adds new graphics settings, but Bethesda doesn't recommend tweaking them

For 40 FPS you need a 120 Hz monitor. Strange, right?

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Bethesda has recently rolled out an update for Fallout 4, aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for next-gen console and PC players that has been awaited with excitement. This update, intriguingly dubbed Next Gen Update 2, brings to the table a slew of new graphics and performance options, alongside a handful of fixes aimed at ironing out some of the kinks that have emerged since the game’s last major overhaul.

It’s a move that has sparked a mix of excitement and skepticism among the Fallout community, especially in light of the mixed reception to the game’s previous next-gen update. And certainly, it’s not good news for modders, that’s for sure.

What are the new additions and why gamers are not happy?

Bethesda’s latest patch makes it possible for gamers to tweak their visual and performance settings more granely. You now have the option to set the frame rate target to 30, 40, or the default 60 FPS, with a notable caveat for the 40 FPS setting requiring a display capable of 120Hz. Now, while this is great for gamers to match the graphics performance to their hardware, we’re certainly paused to that 40 FPS recommendation setting.

The update also introduces a choice between prioritizing visuals or performance to maintain the desired frame rate. While performance mode is recommended for those aiming for 60 FPS, the game will dynamically adjust internal resolution in response to demanding scenes or actions, regardless of the selected mode. However, it’s worth noting that these changes can only be made from the main menu, adding a layer of pre-planning to your gaming session.

Despite these enhancements, Bethesda’s advisement to stick with the default settings has raised a lot of eyebrows. This recommendation comes off the back of the initial next-gen update, which didn’t quite hit the mark for many players, leading to a wave of technical complaints across social media platforms. The developers’ caution suggests a preference for stability over customization, hinting at potential underlying issues with these new options.

The patch isn’t just about graphics and performance tweaks; it also addresses a range of bugs and stability issues. From general stability improvements to specific fixes for auto HDR re-enablement on Xbox Series X/S and character name field issues in widescreen mode on PC, Bethesda seems committed to polishing the Fallout 4 experience. Yet, the mention of a possible Next Gen Update 3 suggests that the journey to perfecting this post-apocalyptic adventure is far from over.

Unfortunately, complaints already starter rolling on Bethesda’s Reddit announcement thread from gamers who found other problems with the update.

byu/Turbostrider27 from discussion

People are complaining about UI being displayed wrong, about the long lasting Weapon Debris crash and problems with the frame rate on PC.

However, the real blow comes for the gamers who want to mod their game. Frequent updates don’t provide the necessary time for coders to create them on a proper stable release, so modders are now probably praying to every digital god there is to stop Bethesda from making such small incremental updates.

However, Fallout 4’s popularity surges anew, thanks in part to the buzz around Amazon’s TV adaptation, so this update could be a crucial step in sustaining the game’s resurgence. However, the developers’ own reservations about straying from default settings, are not helping players gain confidence in their work. Will this update be the key to unlocking the ultimate Fallout 4 experience, or is it a stopgap on the way to further enhancements? Only time, and perhaps another update, will tell.

In the meantime, if you do find any problems with Fallout 4’s Next Gen Update 2, let us know in the comments below.

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