FIFA 18: game crashes, server disconnects, sound won't work

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fifa 2018

FIFA 18 is one of the major games released this year. Football fans now have the chance to prove their skills once again and lead their team to victory. This year’s FIFA game is better than other editions of the past, but somehow many fans aren’t satisfied.

For example, the PC version of the game got average reviews on Metacritic. As a matter of fact, many players complained that FIFA 18 is affected by a bevy of issues. They also confirmed that was the main reason why they scored the game so low.

In this article, we’re going to list the most frequent FIFA 18 issues reported by PC and Xbox One gamers. We’ll also list the corresponding workarounds, whenever available. For more information on how to fix common FIFA 18 issues, this article may help you.

FIFA 18 reported bugs

  1. Getting an expired error on the transfer market
  2. Players can’t access EA’s servers
  3. FIFA 18 crashes shortly after the start
  4. Players get kicked out of squad battles games
  5. Icon/Ronaldo edition won’t load
  6. ‘Too many requests’ on the Web App
  7. FUT 18 Friendly Season results are broken
  8. Sound issues

1. Getting an expired error on the transfer market

If you can’t bid on some players on the transfer market, you’re not the only one. Hundreds of players can’t use the transfer market to purchase players and various other items due to an annoying listing expired error.

Here’s how one player describes the issue:

“Can’t “Buy Now” in Fifa 18 from the Transfer Market on Ultimate Team. Always get the error “Sorry Listing Expired” buy it shows that my coins are gone. I have to log out and log back in to see the player I apparently bought. Have to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME I buy a player. Ridiculous! Also due to this I can’t finish the Starter Objectives when you first start up Ultimate Team. Help! I demand some sort of fix! Did not pay $120 to pre-order this and have this happen!”

The good news is that EA already acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix.

2. Players can’t access EA’s servers

Many players can’t even connect to FIFA 18’s servers due to various errors. As a matter of fact, the most frequent error is the ‘INVAILD_REQUEST’ error code which usually occurs on a white background.

“I just get the Fifa18 in Switch version and start to play FUT, however once I login my origin account it show “{“error”:”invalid_request”} under a white background. I can login on my PC and mobile without any problem. Anyone can help?”

Gamers reported that troubleshooting methods such as restarting the console or PC, resetting the account password or creating a new EA account don’t yield any results. However, some players confirmed that changing the nickname fixes the issue. Although this solution may not work for all players, you should try it out and see if it works for you.

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3. FIFA 18 crashes shortly after the start

Other players have been able to play FIFA 18, but their joy quickly turned into despair. The game crashed just a few minutes after they hit the play button. All the game modes are affected by this problem which became more frequent after the title update.

“So I just downloaded the title update and now the game crashes a couple of minutes after I start a match. Anyone else have the same problem? Did 2 games, 1 squad battle and 1 offline seasons match. great update…”

For the time being, there is no clear answer on how to fix this problem. You can check for compatibility issues, update your graphics drivers and disable background apps. Hopefully, one of these workarounds will fix the issue.

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4. Players get kicked out of squad battles games

Getting disconnected from squad battle games is definitely not a nice thing, to say the least. Many players get kicked out even when they are offline, while others get disconnected in midgame.

Even if the game reconnects straight away, that is definitely a very frustrating experience because you may lose contracts, coin boosts, points, etc.

“Is anyone having trouble with being disconnected from the squad battles games even though they are offline? It has happened to me twice and I received 0 points and will not let me replay the games I’m quite upset about this”

5. Icon/Ronaldo edition won’t load

FIFA 18 Ronaldo

Many players are unable to load the Icon/Ronaldo editions of the game. More specifically, when gamers click the “Play” button a circle appears beside the mouse as if it is loading something. However, nothing ever appears and the task manager confirms that FIFA 18 launches for about 10 seconds then closes.

If you’re experiencing this issue, the following workarounds may help you:

  • check your firewall/anti-virus software to make sure that FIFA 18 is allowed as an exception.
  • boot in safe mode with networking
  • clean boot to make sure that no apps and programs are interfering with the game
  • uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ (all of them) and reinstall them
  • repair FIFA 18
  • uninstall and reinstall Origin

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6. ‘Too many requests’ on the Web App

Another frequent error that’s preventing FIFA 18 players from enjoying the game affects the Web App. More specifically, when players want to sell or buy players, an error message appears informing them that there are too many requests and the action cannot be completed.

The exact alert that appears is the following: “Too Many Requests: Too many actions have been taken, and use of this feature has been temporarily disabled”. This issue affects only the web app.

“I too have this problem. I have been trading non stop last 12 hours to try and get some coins. Building it up 300 coins at a time… slow and painful but I want a couple of cards now I am getting error messages and “too many requests”.
What is going on? EA please let me know how long this ban is in place for and why I am banned in the first place!”

It appears that this error occurs become EA bans players who trade too frequently in order to make sure that they’re not bots.

7. FUT 18 Friendly Season results are broken

If you like playing FIFA with your friends, don’t expect the results to appear on the season progress, history or overall record. This bug affected FIFA 17 as well, and it appears that FIFA 18 players will also have to deal with it.

“I’m having this issues as well. In FIFA 17, I played over 50 seasons with a friend, it was so fun. But a few months back eveything reset to 0. We’ve waited for FIFA 18, bought the Ronaldo Edition, but the bug still exists.”

The good news is that EA already acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix.

8. Sound issues

When players get into dialogues, the sound on The Journey is sometimes broken or doesn’t work at all. Music is still available in the background but the dialogue is broken.

“Had the same problem: i am on PC. This is now the day after its full release and the audio is still not working.
Sometimes i quit the game on an important scene with no audio and turn it back on and the audio works fine for 2 minutes which confuses me.
I have tried changing the settings multiple times but the journey cutscene audio still isn’t working […]
Music plays every cutscene and i use substitles but they dont work unless the audio is luckily working for a bit. […] im starting to feel like i just wasted 50 quid.”

General troubleshooting steps such as updating the sound drivers, installing the latest updates, and so on, fail to fix the problem.

This brings us to the end of our list. As you can see, FIFA 18 is pretty buggy right now, but we’re sure EA will fix these issues as soon as possible. Don’t forget to install the latest game updates as soon as they’re available.

If you encountered other bugs while playing FIFA 18, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.

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