Ronaldo Lima’s FIFA 18 rating is too low for his signature move

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
Troubleshooting Expert
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The official version of FIFA 18 will be released soon and include all the exciting features we’ve been reading about for a past few months. However, there’s one oversight in the game that caught the attention of many players: ‘the original’ Ronaldo’s four-star skill rating in the game. Most players who discover this mistake find it shocking as Ronaldo Lima is one of the most technically gifted players of all time, so giving him a four-star skill rating is surprising to say the least.

To make things even worse, having this rating means Ronaldo won’t be able to perform his famous elastico move invented by the man himself. It makes little to no sense for a player who made this move famous to be unable to perform it in the new FIFA game.

Maybe Ronaldo was given the four-star skill rating by accident or maybe EA did this on purpose — we don’t know for sure. But fans are definitely unsatisfied, as many of them have already expressed their disapproval on social media.

Since the official version of FIFA 18 is still more than a week away from its release (we only have a demo for now), there’s still time for the development team to fix this. But we’re not sure if they’re going to do it after all.

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