FIFA 20 is the latest entry in the FIFA games series, and it brings plenty of new features with it.

However, the series has a history of being plagued with bugs the first weeks of every new release’s launch.

A lot of players are reporting that every time they try launching their FIFA 20 game, their screen goes all black and nothing happens.

It seems that this problem is quite persistent, as the official forums are filled with people reporting this issue.

i have a problem with entering to the fifa 20. Just black screen and it closes

You open FIFA 20 and are met with a black screen

As far as users describe the problem, the game simply launches into a black screen and doesn’t actually crash.

Usually, when a game behaves as such, it has something to do with the graphics card.

This article contains a list of possible solution which you can try if you are experiencing the same issues.

1. Update your video drivers

1.1 Update your video drivers with Windows Update

  1. Press Windows
  2. Select Settings (cogwheel icon near the bottom)
  3. Choose Updates & security
  4. Click Check for updates

Windows 10 Check for Updates

1.2. Update your video drivers using the Device Manager

  1. Press Windows + X
  2. Select Device Manager
  3. Select Display adapters
  4. Right-click them and select Update driver
  5. Choose Search automatically for updated driver software

Update driver automatically

1.3. Update your video drivers from the manufacturer’s website

For a complete list of the most common video drivers, check out the links bellow:

Graphics card manufacturer

Head over to your graphics card manufacture’s website and download the latest driver for your device

  1. Press Windows + X
  2. Select Device Manager
  3. Select Display adapters
  4. Right-click them and select Update driver
  5. Choose Browse my computer for driver software
  6. Browse for where you installed the driver in step 1
  7. Wait for it to update</li>

Update driver manually

Does updating your drivers one by one feel like a drag? Try these neat driver downloaders instead!

2. Check to see if your PC can actually  handle FIFA 20

While this may sound obvious enough, many players aren’t aware of FIFA 20’s minimum system requirements.

If that’s the case, head over to EA’s official website and check FIFA 20’s system requirements

Run a Dxdiag by doing the following:

  1. Press Windows
  2. Type in dxdiag
  3. This will prompt  DxDiag to open, check to see if there’s a button that says Run 64-bit DxDiag
    • If it exists, click it
    • If it doesn’t, DxDiag will just run the 32-bit version by default
  4. Wait for the green bar on the bottom of the window to fully load.
  5. When the bar loading is finished, lookup your system’s information

FIFA 20 black screen DxDiag

If your system requirements are way below FIFA 20’s minimum requirements, the game won’t even load properly.

3. Set the game to the lowest possible settings, and run it again

If the difference between your system’s specs and the minimum requirements isn’t too great, you could try running the game with the lowest possible video specs available

4. Wait for a patch

Games are not always optimized upon launch, so keep a close eye on the Electronic Ar>ts forums to see the latest FIFA 20 patch notes.

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