FIFA 20 users can’t use the D-Pad anymore

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FIFA 20 users can’t use the d-pad anymore
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FIFA 20 is the latest installment in the critically-acclaimed football-themed game series.

As you may already know, it is available on PC, Xbox and PS4, so pretty much everyone gets to enjoy it.

Those of you that play FIFA 20 on PC know that you can choose to play either using a mouse and keyboard or using a controller attached to your PC.

The problem with those using console controllers is that users have been reporting issues when trying to control their in-game players using the d-pad.

Seems there are problems for certain skill moves, especially for the fake shot… this worked well for years and years. Hopefully it is a demo-thing and will be fixed with ea access and full launch. I know d-pad users are a minority, but we most let EA know that we want a fix.

Why use the D-Pad and not joystick instead?

The first reactions regarding the issue were why was it even treated as an issue.

Users argued that a far better control alternative already existed in the form of the joystick.

As you all know, FIFA started out with their first game back in 1995.

Back then, the d-pad was your go-to solution when it came to omnidirectional character control.

Many of the players from that era continue playing today.

Subsequently, many of them prefer the good old-fashioned d-pad over the joystick.

 I am 37y i grew up with the d-pad…. but the point is…. don’t mess with what is good…

Apparently the issue is most visible when trying to perform special moves, such as penalties and free kicks.

More so, the issue seems to extend to keyboard users as well.

Apparently, they seem to be having the exact same issues with the arrow keys.

Curiously enough, what seems to bug users, even more, is not the severity of the issue itself.

It is the fact that it was reported during the beta, during the demo, and during the EA access.

This leaves players rather pessimistic whether the issue will be solved any time soon, or will they just have to learn how to play using the joystick.

Speaking of which, you must remember that if you have FIFA 20 on PC, and don’t want to play it using a mouse and keyboard, you need to have an official Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller if you wish to play it.

This is because FIFA 20 no longer supports any other type of controllers.

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