Windows 10 file association bug fix released but only for Insiders

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file association bug fix

Last week, you may remember I wrote about how users could no longer set default programs for certain types of files. The good news is that Microsoft has issued a file association update. The bad news? It’s only for Insiders.

Windows 10 File Association Update Released for Insiders

For those of you too busy to read my previous article, here is a summary.

Last week, users noticed an interesting glitch. While it was possible to set some programs as defaults for some file associations, other programs wouldn’t work.

Was Windows 10 April 2018 Update the Cause?

So, for example, it was possible to set Chrome as your default browser for .htm and .html files. However, if you tried to set Notepad++ as your default program for .txt files, you got no success. This is still true if you go through settings, or when you right click and use the ‘Open with…’ option.

The original bug seems to have been created, along with many other bugs, with the October, 2018 update. However, it could also have been caused by an update as early as April, 2018. It was just that no one noticed.

Is This a Storm in a Teacup? No!

file association update

If it is true that it happened in April, 2018 and no one noticed, it does further beg the question, “Are we all making a big fuss about something that isn’t all the important?” In my own case, I use Notepad++ prolifically, but never noticed it was no longer my default because I open up all my text files in Notepad++ itself.

Of course, that doesn’t let Microsoft off the hook. They are still messing up our machines with their poor-quality updates. Much more importantly, they seem to be keeping quiet about it. Presumably, in the hope that no one notices ever.

General Release Date of File Association Update

Anyway, as I said above, if you are an Insider, and you have downloaded the Windows 10 build 18282 update, you should now be able to get the file association update for this particular glitch.

There is no news about when it will be freely available to all users. Mind you, I vaguely remember Microsoft promising they would issue a file association update this month – November, 2018.

We shall see.



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