File Explorer will get new Fluent Design elements in 2020

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Folks, we’ve got some good news for you: File Explorer will soon be updated with Fluent Design elements. The new Fire Explorer should hit the market with the Windows 20H1 Update which is expected to arrive next year.

We watched Microsoft adding Fluent Design to other Windows 10 OS areas and first-party apps before, but this is for the first time that Fluent Design will actually be incorporated in File Explorer.

Although Microsoft has added other changes to the application before, now it’s time for a revamp for File Explorer.

Michael West, Windows Design MVP recently posted a new Fluent Design-inspired File Explorer concept.

file explorer fluent design

So, if a member of the Windows Design MVP Team published such images, it means that Microsoft is indeed planning to revamp File Explorer with new Fluent Design elements.

What is Fluent Design anyway?

As a quick reminder, Microsoft Fluent Design is not a new design. It is a language which was created back in 2017 when Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of Windows and devices group, announced that:

New Microsoft Fluent Design System will provide intuition, harmonious, responsive and inclusive cross-device experiences and interaction and it is steadily added by Microsoft to different apps and Windows such as Vista and Windows 7. This design is actually based on the idea developed by Michael West who is a designer at Microsoft.

For the time being, this major File Explorer update is shrouded in mystery. To learn more about the new feature, we have to wait until it is available for Insiders later this year.



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