Final Fantasy XV staff reveals future updates, DLC, and VR plans

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The man behind Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, has confirmed team efforts to improve and update the game, rebuffing player’s fears with something to look forward to the remainder of this year. This is because many players felt the game was unpolished and that additional work was needed. However, news about VR and PvP projects reassure them.

Director Tabata, the project leader, said that most of the FinalFantasy XV staff is still working on updates, DLC, and on generally improving the VR experience. As he stated, around 30% of the team members moved to the development of new projects. This means that the majority of the studio is still working on future upgrades.

He added that the team will try to provide support for the game as long as possible and mentioned a year-long project for both standard and Season Pass participants. The follow-up is expected on 21st of February when the Booster Pack DLC and PS4 Pro patch will be available. Booster Pack and Booster Pack + (for premium users) are bringing powerful items that will make a valuable impact on the gameplay. PS4 Pro patch should enable 1080/60 FPS, add new quests, and raises the level cap.

In addition, on March 28th Season Pass members can expect ”Episode Gladiolus”, the first part of the expansion story that will shed some light on Gladiolus and his disappearance in the main game storyline. June is reserved for  ”Episode Prompto”. We’ll bring you more information about this as soon as some details are released.

This proves that the team behind Final Fantasy XV is, unlike some other game creators, looking out for their customers. Even though the game was released with a sub-par narrative and an unpolished world, we can expect positive changes in the upcoming months.



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