3 Firefox Dynamic Themes you simply need to try out

by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
Aleksandar Ognjanovic
Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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Mozilla Firefox is and will always be a grand adversary to Google Chrome. With its privacy-oriented focus, simplicity, and amazing personalization features it slowly becomes a viable choice for the daily driver web browser. As the cherry on top of the Mozilla Firefox revival, we offer you 3 nice themes to make the experience even better. But this time, we decided to give a dynamic themes a go.

The dynamic theme is, by definition, a theme which, instead of sticking with a single solid color or motif, vibrates with a variety of different colors and patterns. It’s a great way to enrich your browsing experience without losing focus on what’s important. The only issue is that these are still rather scarce for Firefox Quantum.

Nonetheless, we found our way around the Add-on Store and brought out the 3 themes (they’re Add-ons) which should serve you justice. Make sure to check them out below.

3 Firefox Dynamic themes you just need to try

Native Dark

firefox dynamic theme
First on our list is the Native Dark theme for Firefox. But it doesn’t have to be dark, you know. In comparison to our other two entries, this theme mimics the color of your Windows system theme. It works great with the latest Firefox release (Quantum v60 as we speak) and it’s just an amazing little piece of software. This theme is, of course, dynamic. It’ll change color on Address and Title bars, and Tabs, too. Basically, the majority of your workspace in Firefox will resemble the accent color of a Windows 10 theme.firefox dynamic theme

It sits so well with the Windows background that one might assume that Firefox is the native Windows 10 browser and not Edge. Of course, these are only aesthetic changes. But as far as we tested Native Dark, the accent colors are rather fine, and our only issue is with the vividly light accent color. Seemingly, the font is barely seen if your theme of choice is rather bright.

Feature-wise, there are multiple tweaks you can take advantage of. You can set a static mode with only one color or change the nuance between the Address bar and the rest of the interface.

You can download and install the Native Dark dynamic theme, here.

Dolan’s Dynamic Theme

firefox dynamic theme
Dolan’s Dynamic Theme is a bomb. This nifty theme for Mozilla Firefox takes the step up and changes the coloring of the browser following the site color. It especially focuses on website icons. If you open YouTube, the theme will switch to reddish color. For the Twitter, it’ll turn blue, resembling the tweety bird icon. Facebook — dark blue. You catch the drift. Every site — a different color for the Title bar and Tabs.firefox dynamic theme

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Sometimes it’ll have a hard time determining which color to use so it’ll stick with the default theme pattern. However, it’ll work most of the time without any issues. I really liked the transition between the Tabs and this is my go-to theme at the moment. It fits great if you’re multitasking to break the monotonous single-colored user interface.firefox dynamic theme

Have in mind that this theme is still in the development so it’s far from perfect. This means it’s sometimes slow to load or it misses the saturation and hue of the website’s icon. Of course, this shouldn’t be the dealbreaker.

You can get the Dolan’s Dynamic Theme by following this link on your Mozilla Firefox.

Dynamic Weather Theme

firefox dynamic theme
This is the last entry on this list and it’s something completely different. Instead of Windows accent color or the website color, the third entry, Dynamic Weather Theme, changes based on the weather. You can either enter your preferred location or enable the app to get your location automatically. We wouldn’t recommend the second option due to privacy matters and lack of precision, so the second option is what you should try. You just enter your location and voila — animated sunshine, raining, clouds, or snowing appear as your Firefox theme.firefox dynamic theme

The weather forecast is provided by the Yahoo Weather API. It’s fairly precise and it works like a charm. The theme will switch hourly so you’ll know what’s the weather outside while surfing the interwebz. We can only look forward to future animations as the current ones are nice but a bit too plain.firefox dynamic theme

For the time being, it works just like intended. If you have issues with it, just restart your browser and it’ll fall in just nice.

You can get the Dynamic Weather Theme for Mozilla Firefox, here.

This wraps up our list. We’ll make sure to inform you about the future additions to this, so to say, theme niche. We hope more talented developers will give it a go, as it improves the overall end-user experience by a wide margin. For the time being, check out the ones we presented and make sure to post your impressions in the comments section below.


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