3 Quick Tips on How to Create & Customize Your Own Chrome Theme

There are two ways in which you can design a custom theme

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Key notes

  • Chrome’s great features and options are designed to enhance your browsing experience.
  • You can use a dedicated web app to change the Google theme and set it as you wish.
  • Also, use the Chrome theme creator and follow our step-by-step guide below.
set up your own custom Google Chrome themes

Adding a new theme to Chrome is one of the best ways to customize the browser. If you’ve been wondering how to customize your Chrome theme, there are two ways in which you can design a custom theme.

One of the ways is to code a theme with a manifest.json file. However, you can also design a customized theme for the browser with a few web apps. ThemeBeta is one web app with which you can add custom colors and images to Chrome.

In this article, we will present a step-by-step guide on how to customize your Chrome theme. Keep on reading!

How to upload your own theme on Google Chrome?

  1. Once you download the file or folder with your custom theme for Google Chrome, open the browser and enter chrome://extensions/ inside the search bar.chrome-ext how to customize chrome theme
  2. Next, click the Developer mode option in order to turn it on.developer-mode how to customize chrome theme
  3. Now, simply drag and drop the downloaded file with your theme onto this page.
  4. Click Add theme in case you are asked for confirmation whether to add it or not. Your custom theme will now be added.
  5. It will be applied to your browser. In case you want to reverse the changes, click the Undo button.Undo-button how to customize chrome theme

How to apply custom Chrome themes

Once you add the custom theme to your browser as we’ve done above, it will also be applied to Chrome. Thus you won’t need to take any further action.

Quick Tip:

Among all the amazing customization features that Opera One brings, the option to add even more personality to your browser by adding a theme is one that we like the most. You can choose the theme you like from the catalog, or you can add an image of your own.

Not only does Opera One allows you to fully customize the appearance but you can also customize your experience further with workspaces, tab islands, native AI and social media integrations.

Opera One

Bring your unique style and personality to the browser, and customize it by creating a theme with your favorite picture!
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How can I customize my Google Chrome theme?

1. Use the Customize Chrome button

  1. Open a new Chrome tab and click the Customize Chrome button from the bottom right corner.customize-chrome custom chrome theme
  2. Here, you can choose a custom Chrome background image.upload-bg custom chrome theme
  3. Next, by clicking on the Color and Theme option you can set custom colors. Once you finish customizing your theme, click on Done.color-theme custom chrome theme

2. Use a dedicated web app

  1. Open the ThemeBeta web app and enter a title for the theme inside the text box under the Basic tab.theme-name how to customize chrome theme
  2. Navigate to the Images tab and press the Choose Image button for the NTP Background in order to add one.images-ntp how to customize chrome theme
  3. Select the fit-to-screen option shown to ensure the background image doesn’t leave any blank spaces in your custom Chrome background. fit-t-screen how to customize chrome theme
  4. Continue with the other customizable spaces such as Frame and Toolbar. If you press on the square next to the Choose Image button, you will be able to set a custom color instead of an image.color how to customize chrome theme
  5. Next, select the Colors tab. Here, you can adjust the color scheme for the theme’s text and buttons by clicking on the square icon next to the component.colors-tab how to customize chrome theme
  6. When you’ve set up a completed theme, select the Pack tab and press Pack and Install to add the new theme to Chrome. If you wonder how to add custom Google Chrome themes check out our introductory section before the list of apps.pack-install how to customize chrome theme

The online ThemeBeta website is a straightforward custom Chrome theme creator app, designed for those who are not familiar with the.json file format. It offers a straightforward method for modifying photos, selecting colors, generating a preview, and packing your theme online.

3. Add an existing theme

  1. The last option is to add an existing custom Chrome theme to your browser.ad-chrome-theme custom chrome theme
  2. Then click the same Customize Chrome button from a new Chrome tab in the bottom right corner.customize-chrome-buttone custom chrome theme
  3. Make any changes to the existing theme such as changing the Google Chrome background, while keeping the other elements. This way you will have a semi-customized theme.

How do I customize my Chrome color?

  1. Open Chrome and click on the Customize Chrome that’s in the bottom right corner.customize-theme custom chrome theme
  2. Next, click on the Color and Theme option and select any colors you want for your Chrome. Once you’re done, click the Done button.color-theme custom chrome theme

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If you’re looking for more themes, we have a guide on how to make a Chrome AI theme, so don’t miss it.

Let us know in the comment section below which option you used to customize your theme. Thanks for reading!

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