How to better manage Firefox tabs using the Simple Tab Groups addon

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Are you in need of a bit of assistance when it comes to properly manage your browser tabs in order to maximize your efficiency?
  • Provided you are using the Firefox browser, the Simple Tab Groups add-on is definitely something you should take for a test drive.
  • Installing and using this add-on is really simple, as we are about to show you right now, further speeding your process and experience.

Time is money and multi-tasking is key when trying to get a lot more done without wasting too much time, maximizing all overall efficiency.

No browser is perfect and features such as tab management still elude many products out there, among which the Firefox browser as well.

However, all is not lost, because addons just like Simple Tab Groups will lend the helping hand you waited for all this time.

We’ll show you where to get the addon and how to properly use it in order to make your life a lot easier and maximize available workspace.

How can I use Simple Tab Groups in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Download the Simple Tab Groups addon from the official site.Add to Firefox
  2. Right-click on your open tab, select Move tab to group, then Create new group.move tab group to
  3. Input a name for your new group and press the OK button.rename firefox tab group
  4. Your new groups can be accessed and managed from the dropdown.simple tab groups dropdown
  5. To access and manage more addon options, click the Manage groups button on the dropdown.manage groups
  6. To manage individual groups options, right-click on the desired group in the dropdown.individual group option

If you have multiple groups, you also have the option to select which group you want to move the tabs too, in order to further maximize the experience.

Interestingly enough, the above-mentioned Group Settings panel also has options to mute tabs when a group is closed or restored, make a sticky group, show or discard tabs after moving.

If you’re a Firefox fan, note that the Simple Tab Groups add-on works with Firefox Containers, and can be configured to automatically move specific containers to a particular group.


Waste no more time on fixing a broken Firefox browser. Install and configure Opera in just a couple of minutes so that you can enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

The only downside to using Simple Tab Groups is that pinned tabs appear in all groups and there’s no way around this, for the moment.

However, if this doesn’t really bother you that much, then this is certainly the best tab management add-on you’ll find for the Firefox web browser.

Although this is a helpful tool, it’s still no match for Opera’s Workspaces. But, if you decided to go the Firefox way, you should definitely try it.

Have you started better managing your browser tabs? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.