Firewall error 0x8007042c on Windows 10

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Windows 10 is prone to a lot of errors. One such error is the 0x8007042c error. More specifically, 0x8007042c is the code for Windows’ Firewall error. Firewall is the network security system of the computer which works by establishing a barrier between a secure internal network and an untrusted outside network (usually on the Internet). Error message 0x8007042c indicates that Windows can no longer turn on Firewall.

The only way to detect this problem is by trying to start Windows Firewall. If it gives out the error message 0x8007042c, it means that your computer is no longer protected from untrusted networks.

To resolve this issue, you could try one (or more) of the following solutions until you find one that works for you.

How to fix error 0x8007042c

Step 1 : Try To Turn Windows Firewall On Manually

The first thing you should do is to try and turn Windows Firewall on manually, and to make sure it turns itself on automatically in the future. To do this, simply follow these steps:
  1. Press the Start key and in the search box type “Services“,
  2. Once Services shows up, right-click on it and select Run as administrator,
  3. You may be asked to confirm your decision; do it,
  4. Once the Services window opens, scroll down and find Windows Firewall; Open it by double clicking on it,
  5. If the Service status reads “Stopped“, click on Start,
  6. Set the Startup Type to Automatic, from the drop-down menu,
  7. Hit Apply, and then OK.
  8. Back in the Services window, scroll up to find Base Filtering Engine; Open it by double clicking on it,
  9. If the Service status reads “Stopped“, click on Start,
  10. Hit Apply, and then OK.
  11. In order to confirm if this solved your problem, restart Windows and check if Windows Firewall is enabled.

If the 0x8007042c error persists, move onto the next step.

Step 2 : Scan and Remove Malware From Your Computer

The next logical step to take here would be to scan your computer for malware. You can do this using Microsoft Safety Scanner. Just follow these steps:

Firewall error

  1. Download Microsoft Safety Scanner from the official Microsoft website,
  2. Just go to this link and click on Download now:,
  3. If prompted, save the file to your desktop; Open the setup file and follow the on screen instructions to install Windows Safety Scanner,
  4. Once installation is complete, open Windows Safety Scanner (it could be listed as msert),
  5. You will be asked to accept certain terms regarding the license agreement; do it, and then hit Next two times,
  6. Select Quick Scan, then hit Next,
  7. Microsoft Safety Scanner will now scan your computer for any lingering malware.
  8. Once the process is complete close the Window,
  9. Press the Start key and in the the search box type “Windows Firewall“; click on Windows Firewall to open it,
  10. On the navigation panel on the left, select Turn Windows Firewall on or off,
  11. Select Turn on Windows Firewall for each available network location,
  12. Click OK to complete the process.

If the 0x8007042c error persists, move onto the next step.

Step 3 : Start Associative Services

If both steps 1 & 2 failed to resolve the issue, you could try to stop and restart these services using a batch file. Isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Press the Start key and in the search box type “Notepad“; Open Notepad,
  2. Once Notepad is open select the following text, right click on it, and select Copy:sc config MpsSvc start= auto
    sc config KeyIso start= auto
    sc config BFE start= auto
    sc config FwcAgent start= auto
    net stop MpsSvc
    net start MpsSvc
    net stop KeyIso
    net start KeyIso
    net start Wlansvc
    net start dot3svc
    net start EapHostnet
    net stop BFE
    net start BFE
    net start PolicyAgent
    net start MpsSvc
    net start IKEEXT
    net start DcaSvcnet
    net stop FwcAgent
    net start FwcAgent
  3. Right-click on the Notepad window, and select Paste to copy the code from above to Notepad,
  4. Select File and Save As; set the destination as your Desktop,
  5. Name the file as “Repair.bat”, and on the Save as type box select All Files (*.*),
  6. Close Notepad,
  7. On your desktop, find the Repair.bat file that you just saved; Right-click on it and select Run as administrator,
  8. You may be asked to confirm your decision; do it,
  9. The repair should now start.
  10. Once the process is complete, try starting Windows Firewall again,
  11. If Windows Firewall starts successfully, delete the Repair.bat file.
If none of these steps helped resolve the error, you should contact Microsoft Support Center for further assistance.



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