Here’s how to fix the annoying Final Fantasy XV fishing bug

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Many Final Fantasy XV gamers are complaining they can’t catch any fish. Despite their best efforts, the elusive fish always escape. Judging by gamers’ reports, it appears that the game doesn’t detect their input in order for them to get the fish to bite.

It appears that the fishing bug is prevalent for the Xbox One console. Here’s how one gamer describes the issue:

I’m having the same problem (Xbox One). […] I’m in the same position as you, i can’t get the fish to bite in the second phase, it’s not registering my input, and my guess is that the tutorial dialogue has glitched out. it’s expecting you to press “A” to close the next help window but it never pops up, and because it doesn’t pop up the controller input is disabled (not seeing your analogue stick movement) and the game doesn’t freeze, resulting in the fish getting away.

I think this has come about for me, because during my first attempt at fishing, a fish immediately latched on to my line (i didn’t need to bait the fish) which sent the pop-up help dialogue into some weird out-of-sync state.

Fix: Final Fantasy 15 fishing bug

Fortunately, several players managed to identify the culprit. They confirm that the fishing bug can be fixed by unplugging and turning off any additional controllers attached to the Xbox One.

Remove your Guitar Hero Live dongle or your LEGO Dimensions portal from the system.  I’m not kidding- this fixed the bug for me.  No wonder Square Enix didn’t see this ahead of time.

If you’re experiencing FFXV fishing issues, use the solution described above and tell us if it worked for you.


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  • F*** yeah!!! I have been trying for so long. Could never set a hook to reel in the fish. My only other controller was my gh live dongle. One pull and i caught the very next fish! THANK YOU!!!

  • Fishing doesn’t work with ps4 pro controller for me, I can’t even get the red bar to appear. But when I switch to a ps4 controller it works fine.

  • Yeap totaly worked for me. I just unplugged every controler and reconnect my one and only controller with the one i play and now it work !! THANKS

  • My husband has been frustrated for two days trying to fish on FFXV… until I found this page and unplugged the guitar hero live plug. Worked like a charm lol I laughed so hard when he caught a fish.
    Thanks for the help 🙂