How to fix uTorrent not responding in Windows 10

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uTorrent not responding

How do I solve uTorrent not responding in Windows 10?

  1. Video tutorial: uTorrent not responding/crashes/freezes the computer (fix)
  2. uTorrent freezes or uses a lot of CPU
  3. uTorrent crashes regularly
  4. uTorrent stuck at a certain percent
  5. uTorrent won’t open torrent files despite torrents being associated to it
  6. uTorrent not responding/freezes/hangs

uTorrent is one of the world’s most used freeware that eases downloading and distributing large amounts of files.

Its convenience, coupled with the fact that you need not worry about link breakdowns or having to wait to shut down your machine until all downloads are complete, makes it a favorite among its over 150 million monthly users.

As soon as your internet connection is back up, uTorrent, which relies on peer-to-peer sharing, resumes the download process from wherever it stopped or was interrupted.

However, there have been some complaints about uTorrent not responding in Windows 10. This article outlines a few troubleshooting issues and solutions to resolve them.

What to do if uTorrent won’t respond?

Video tutorial: uTorrent not responding/crashes/freezes the computer (fix)

This video will show you how you can get rid of this annoying issue. uTorrent is creating big frustrations when it is not responding, as it blocks your PC/laptop.

We recommend you to check this video and combine the steps from it with the solutions from below.

uTorrent freezes or uses a lot of CPU

This issue may be brought about by these four things:

  • Your firewall
  • Outpost Pro
  • Avast anti-virus
  • Spyware Doctor 5

How to solve it:

  • For firewalls, you can disable and reboot your computer, but also some firewall software need to be uninstalled to fix this issue.
  • For Outpost Pro, exclude uTorrent from its rules to fix the issue.
  • For Avast, disable the P2P shield feature.
  • For Spyware Doctor 5, which causes uTorrent to hang or freeze upon installation, simply uninstall it, or roll it back to Spyware Doctor Version 4.

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uTorrent crashes regularly

This can be caused by either of these four:

  • V-Com System Suite
  • Norman Personal Firewall
  • NVIDIA Firewall
  • Cybersitter

How to solve it:

  • Uninstall all relevant software.

uTorrent stuck at a certain percent

If you come across this issue, it means your copy of the torrent is incomplete, or unavailable, owing to lack of seeders.

How to solve it:

  • You can either wait until it completes to 100%, or try getting a different version of uTorrent.

uTorrent won’t open torrent files despite torrents being associated to it

How to solve it:

Here’s the step by step guide to fixing this issue:

  • Open preferences
  • Click Associate with .torrent files

You may have to open the Default Programs tool to modify any .torrent associations.

uTorrent not responding/freezes/hangs

How to solve it:

This problem can be solved by backing up your settings. Here’s how:

  • Take a backup of all torrent files in Appdata
  • Press Windows+R to open Run
  • Type %appdata%uTorrent
  • Press Enter

Once you press Enter, you will get your torrent files that are usually found in the Roaming folder in Appdata.

  • Keep in mind the download location of all incomplete downloads
  • Uninstall uTorrent
  • Reinstall uTorrent
  • Set download location as the folder with all incomplete downloads (go to the Preferences option under File menu to do this)
  • Open all .torrent files using uTorrent

Note: it is possible to restore all your settings back to the default, by closing uTorrent then deleting settings.dat, and settings.dat.old from your Appdata. This, though, can also be cleared during the uninstall process.

Any luck? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

If you got no luck with fixing uTorrent, here are the best alternatives!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2017 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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