Boot configuration data is missing in Windows 10 [QUICK FIX]

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  • A Recovery: boot configuration data missing blue screen makes accessing your PC impossible.
  • We have a few solutions that you can use to restore your device, so read below.
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Recover Boot Configuration Data Filed
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The error message Recovery: boot configuration data missing is caused by missing system files in your device’s operating system. So either you deleted them accidentally or you caught a virus that deleted critical system information.

This tutorial will explain why exactly you got the blue screen on your PC  that led to the mentioned error message. We’ll also tell you what steps you need to follow in order to fix this issue in the shortest time possible.

What can I do if the boot configuration data file is missing?

1. Recover missing files with dedicated software

boot pc without cd

One way of recovering boot missing files is using a dedicated tool such as Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius.

In case of boot failure or system crash after deleting/losing vital system files, this program can help you recover not only all the necessary data but also registry keys or program passwords needed to access your system.

The tool works as well if your files were lost due to partition damage or in case of virus infection.

With Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius, you can easily restore your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista OS and get it back on track.

Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius

Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius

An amazing tool to recover all your important boot configuration data files after a crash or accidental deletion.
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2. Use installation CD/DVD

  1. Place the DVD/CD on the device.
  2. Reboot your PC.
  3. Press any key to boot from the CD or DVD when the message prompts you to.
  4. Select the time and the type of keyboard you wish to use. Just follow the instructions on the screen to get to the next window.
  5. Now in the Blue window, go to Repair your computer on the lower left side of the screen.
  6. A Choose an option screen should follow.
  7. Click on Troubleshoot.
  8. Select Advanced options, then open Command Prompt.
  9. Type the following command and press Enter: Bootrec /fixmbrbootrec fixmbr command
  10. Similarly, write the commands below, and after each one press Enter:
    • Bootrec /fixboot
    • Bootrec /scanos
    • Bootrec /rebuildbcd

You accidentally deleted a Windows 10 recovery/boot partition? Here are some quick solutions

3. Run Startup/Automatic Repair

  1. Insert the Windows installation disk (it has to be bootable).
  2. When you get the image below, press any key to continue.cmd press any key to continue screenshot
  3. Select the preferred language and press Enter.
  4. Click on Repair your computer on the bottom left of the Windows Setup window.
  5. From the options proposed, press Troubleshoot.recovery boot configuration data file error troubleshoot
  6. When the Advanced Options screen opens, choose Automatic Repair, wait for the process to be finished and restart your PC.recovery boot configuration data file missing automatic repair option

Now that you have done all the above steps you should have your PC up and running.

If you had any complications during this tutorial please write to us in the comments section on the bottom of the page and we will see what we can do to help you further with this issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can restore fix boot configuration data even when you don’t have the installation CD just by using Command Prompt or a third-party tool.

  • If you don’t have the Windows installation CD, you can rebuild the BCD manually with three specific commands in Command Prompt.

  • Rebuild BCD is a command that you can run in Command Prompt to recover corrupted or missing boot files in case of deletion, virus infection, BSOD or other instances of system crashes.

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Hi I tried the bad rebuild but kept saying file is missing or corrupt
On restart I get
File bootcd
Status 0xc000000f
Info. The coot configuration data for your px is missing or has errors

Any ideas as I do not have Windows 10 disk as it was an upgrade from Windows 7 and I can not lose my data as to much work on there

That’s also how I got mine as well! {Also I do have a legal registered copy of win 8 if anyones curious}. I then updated “legally” win 10 b4 the {July 31?} deadline (via the internet) . So YES I also have no disk backup. People all assume you have, or have access to one {dvd drive.} Now with a gifted PC after our home fire, I am also stuck on a solid state drive (TB). Message is same “needs boot/bcd? language , blah blah. This one DOES have a DVD drv, but without OS I can’t use it.

I’m desperate for help to get this right for my grandson/son. This was for him. Any help would be WONDERFUL & GREALY appreciated! I’m lost! Its a solid state drive a TB , I think a Sandisk. It’s also a desktop model. Cyberpc? Thank you

What if you dont have a windows 8/10 dvd i upgraded via the internet can you download it to a dvd from the internet???

After I load the boot files as above procedure. Windows logo come on restart but becomes blank with no booting.
The system gives the start. Sound but nothing on screen.
Please help to resolve. The issue.

I used to have the same issue. If you have a laptop, you can quickly tap the power button so it goes into stand by and then tap the power button again. It brought me to the login screen where i could use windows 10. I think it might have been caused because your computer went on standby whilst installing windows 10. Now i have a bigger issue which is relating to the article but not your issue.

I ran into this problem the day I after upgrading to windows 10, I had no recovery media, but I did figure out a way to gain access to the menus mentioned in this article. My laptop just powered on right beside me, and it seems to have worked perfectly.
I thank you greatly for creating this guide.

Iirc this entirely depends on the manufacturer of your PC. For me (acer) it was pressing alt+f10 when the logo appeared on startup. This brought me to the menu where you select the type of keyboard you are using.

You should be able to find out how to do the same with other PCs by checking their support websites.