For Honor issues: Unstable servers, multiplayer errors, and more

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For Honor is a game for the warrior in you. As a player, you’ll choose your warrior from classes like Knights, Vikings and deadly Samurai. You can customize your warrior’s appearance, including their chest, shoulders, and helmet. You’ll confront vicious enemies in intense duels to ensure the survival of your people. Outsmart your foes and make sure you’re still standing while they lie dead on the battlefield.

For Honor is going to put your fighting skills to the test as well as your patience and troubleshooting skills. Players report that the game is affected by a series of technical issues, such as server bugs, crashes, audio issues, and more.

For Honor reported bugs

Deluxe items are missing

Players who bought the Deluxe version of the game say that the bonus items are nowhere to be found.

I bought the delux version of this game for 70 and it says i have standard

For Honor server connection issues

Players also report the game often disconnects from servers and it takes a long time to re-establish connection.

I’ve had to delete and re-install my game twice so far because your servers refuse me access otherwise. The fact that it kicks me off the server for 6 hours until I finally decide to delete it, is absolutely ridiculous. either the game, the servers, or the company all together is a joke

Multiplayer issues

Many players report they can’t connect to multiplayer. There are various errors that prevent them from joining matches, and no workarounds available for the time being.

Many gamers still cant access multiplayer, only story. Might want to hold off just incase, disappointed coming from a closed beta player

Full-screen issues

Other gamers can’t play For Honor on full-screen because the game always goes back to windowed mode.

When I go into display options, it doesn’t let me change to full screen as it will snap back to windowed.
I’ve tried several “fixes” and it still wouldn’t change to full screen. I have Input lag on games when I don’t play on full screen and a game like this is unplayable

Mouse and keyboard won’t work

Controlling your warrior is not an easy task. Mouse and keyboard sometimes remain unresponsive, forcing gamers to restart their computers. If you’re experiencing this issue, reinstall Uplay and update all your drivers to solve your problem.

I have kept my peripherals plugged in and statrted the game, but I have also done it as recommended with just the mouse and keyboard and it is still not working. Any resolution Ubi Devs?

These are the most frequently reported For Honor issues. If you’ve come across any workarounds to fix them, list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.



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