7 best form filler software [Chrome, Firefox included]

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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  • Form fillers allow you to save time by auto-completing any forms that you have to fill.
  • More so, they spare you the hassle of having to remember all sorts of credentials.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader has several tools that can act as browser-integrated form fillers, allowing better and faster management of your accounts.
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best online form filler software

Form filler tools allow users to automatically fill forms with the click of a button. They can be part of a larger program, such as a password manager or an enterprise single-on solution.

Form fillers are the opposite of screen scrapers which are used to extract data from a particular form.

What are the best form filler software?

1. Adobe Fill & Sign

Unlike the rest of the programs in our list, Adobe Fill & Sign is not a program in itself per-say, but a feature that is included both in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

As you may know, whenever you install any of these two programs, you will also be prompted to install certain browsers integrations as well. Thes helps with managing PDF files through your browser without actually having to download them first.

That is precisely where the Adobe Fill & Sign feature shines best, as it can also handle any PDF files that can be signed as well. From this point forward, the product acts like any other signature saving program, acting as both a signature saver, and a password manager as well.

Here are some of the perks of using the Adobe Fill & Sign feature in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader:

  • Intuitive form completion
  • Integrates with all major browsers
  • Create for storing digital signatures
  • Allows you to create and tweak your signatures
  • Doesn’t slow down your browser

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2. RoboFormroboform

Since we live in an age where everyone has at least 20 accounts on various services, trying to remember your username and password for each of them can be a real headache.

Roboform relieves you of that headaches by acting as a safe vault for all of your credentials, as it automatically remembers all of your forms for each service, and fills in the blanks for you.

The system is incredibly secure, featuring advanced encryption technology that is safe against any type of digital attack that may try to get your personal data.

Everything is hidden behind a singular master password, and that that is the only one you will ever actually need in order to access your RoboForm data. The UI is incredibly user-friendly, looking more like a main menu of all the services you have a subscription for.

All you need to do is click on that service’s icon and you will be automatically logged in and authenticated as if you entered the credentials yourself.

Thanks to RoboForm, remembering your credentials and logging in from anywhere has never been easier.

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2. ProntoForms

This software can transform processes with forms automation, and it improves efficiency and productivity, and track and optimize business performance as well.

Using it, you can create a form with the drag and drop form builder, and you can also dispatch partially-filled forms to your workers in the field and avoid wasted trips back to your office.

You can also add photos inside your forms, and you can sketch on top of them to provide visuals of site-related activities and greater reports on job site issues.

You can also use the software for offline work, as forms can be filled out with or without connectivity and they are auto sent once the network is restored.

The tool can successfully capture and collect signatures and barcodes right on the device using the touchscreen. You can scan QR and barcodes from the device, and you can integrate them straight into the forms.

You can quickly confirm the location of job sites, time of arrival, customer visits, and also the work performed.

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3. Repsly

You can forget pen and paper from now on because Repsly’s mobile forms will let you quickly gather consistent, clean and real-time data.

In case you haven’t known, mobile forms are the key to having clean and consistent data. Whether you are trying to keep track of your product on a shelf or if you are only looking to take notes at every visit, the software will give you a way to create a customized and consistent data collection tool.

The information that you collect in the field will offer feedback in real-time allowing managers to make business decisions without having tons of paperwork or without waiting for weekly recap emails.

You can see trends over time, or you can simply get a quick snapshot of that day’s performance; whatever you are looking for this particular software with mobile forms will have you covered.

Even if this program is quite robust, it is not also complicated, and the developers promise that you and your team will benefit a lot from using their product. Repsly’s mobile sales app is both simple and powerful, and its goal is to increase efficiency and productivity.

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4. Forms on Fire


You can now replace paper forms with tablets and phones using the cloud software, and you don’t even have to have any programming experience.

You can use the software to capture info on the go, and this is great because we all know that paper forms are extremely slow and tiring and by going mobile it will all be easier. You can also get photos, GPS and more!

The app works both online and offline and this way, you’ll be able to take everything with you, tasks, forms and all the data you need, even when you are offline. All you need to do is drag and drop and use a bit of Word and Excel; you don’t have to know any coding.

You can connect to more than 750 systems and also to a custom API. The workflow is pre-defined, rules-driven or user-defined. All the maps, the data lists and the details from your device will help your work get smarter and smarter.

According to users’ experiences, the app features a great intuitive user interface, and it’s perfect for collecting and analyzing research data.

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5. Integrify

You can use it to build business forms with customized workflow automation quickly. You can now dramatically improve business performance in the field or the office with some powerful forms automation.

Integrify is the most powerful and also easy workflow automation software available. You can start managing and improving your workflow system right now by using the software.

You will be able to build unique forms and processes for single, group and multi-tiered approval (sequential or parallel). You can now automatically route forms based on the data that your users are providing.

You will be able to build form processing flows faster with the visual interface of the program so you can deploy in days instead of weeks. Activate the app in just a few minutes or install Integrify OnPremise in less than an hour.

With the software, you will be able to enjoy rapid user adoption. The simply configured user interfaces will provide users a straightforward interface for submitting requests, for completing tasks and for tracking process’ activity.

You will be able to deliver positive ROI in less than three months, and the program’s workflow software will reduce direct process and workflow costs by more than 30 percent.

The solutions offered by this software will not require any programming and the intuitive workflow management software with process design and forms creation will not need any coding.

This is a robust and flexible software, and the service-oriented architecture is built around REST web services and AJAX technology. The app will provide a widget export feature to place Integrify Widgets in any Intranet page or on any website.

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6. PerfectForms

You can use this to build online forms and workflow apps with ease. All you have to do is drag and drop objects on a canvas to create powerful HTML forms and workflow apps as well. You will not require any technical skills to get your form or your app into production. You can deploy your work in just a few minutes without having to rely on IT.

You will be able to use the program to build great reports for monitoring your performance and to get the visibility that you need to drive improvements. You will also be able to pull data from directory services or to send/receive data from some third party systems through web services or API without the need to code at all.

All in all, you can create any type of online form or workflow app without having to know a single line of code, and you just have to simply drag and drop to design a pixel-perfect UI, to mark the workflow and to integrate with other systems and build reports. You can do all these and more with this online form builder software.

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FAQ: Learn more about online forms

  • Filling out forms online

We all fill in forms online when checking out our purchase on an online store, signing up for the online store, adding new info to the online store, logging into our accounts, and more.

It’s pretty obvious that we fill forms online which are other than online stores, but we just gave an example of something that nowadays is very trendy. So, everyone fills online form from time to time.

But it may take very long to fill them, and this means wasting precious time. But, in case you didn’t know there are tools and software that you can use to fill in these forms automatically! Great news, right?

You may have already heard of some of them. However, most people haven’t, and that’s why we will list the best form filling software in this article.

  • What does it mean to autofill forms online?

Well, it’s not that difficult. It just means that a program will automatically detect the presence of a form on a particular webpage and will automatically fill in the required information using the data you previously gave it.

It is essential to use a program that has a good reputation. Your information is something extremely sensitive and you wouldn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. It’s up to you what kind of information you will provide the software with.

The more info you offer it, the more autonomous the tool will become. Here are some examples of information that you can give to such software: name, email, phone number, home address, credit card info and so on.

  • Do you really need a form filler?

This obviously depends on your own habits, but most people really need it as they regularly fill in forms online. Let’s admit it, we all have online accounts. For many people, the two most important ones are definitely the email and social media accounts.

Even if you have just these two accounts, this means that every time you log into them, you need to type your passwords manually. An autofill app detects the fields and automatically enters the login credentials for you.

All you need to do is click login. There are some apps that can even do that for you as well. Such software really comes in handy when your connection to your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account or another website.

Using such software makes the process much quicker. In case you connect to several sites at a time, this will definitely save you a bit of time.

  • How exactly does autofill work?

Until very recently, there were no standards when it came to autofill software. Each browser implemented their autofill features differently, and there was very little documentation on how a browser can determine what content a certain field expects.

But, despite this situation which was a bit chaotic, browsers seem to have settled down on two main approaches.

1. Pre-determined autofill fields

Safari, Chrome, Opera, all these browsers have taken the approach of identifying high-value form fields and providing a way to manage what exactly the browser will autofill in those particular fields.

For instance, Opera offers autofill for credit cards and addresses. Chrome, Safari, and Opera are on different regarding which fields they provide autofill for, but the basic fields needed to complete a checkout process are supported.

As a user, you don’t have to see or edit these preferences in order to be able to utilize autofill. The browser is the one that watches the person who is filling out forms, and when it recognizes an address or a credit card, it will ask if the user desires them to save the info for later reusing it when it is required.

2. Autofill any field

The approach that we have discussed above is similar to a scalpel that it’s applied to preselected fields only, and this one is like a chainsaw that cuts down every field in view.

For instance, when a form is submitted, Microsoft Edge and Firefox will store the value submitting along with the value of the name attribute. In case a browser sees a field in the future with a matching name attribute, it will immediately provide autofill options.

This approach involves some concerns regarding security and privacy issues and the autocomplete off value has been long supported to prevent the browser from storing and from auto-filling crucial data for this reason.

Which approach is the best?

The second method that we mentioned above works for more fields, but it looks like most developers prefer the first one. This makes it much easier to figure out what data the browser has to autofill and is also much easier to set up test profiles.

More than this, with the second approach, you will actually need to submit a form in order for the browser to store values to use later with autofill. The browser will not save your answers without form submission, and you should know this.

Your browser might store credit card info in a non-encrypted way if it cannot clearly identify the type of field and this would be quite a nightmare.

But on the other hand, considering Microsoft and Mozilla’s concerns about privacy and security, they have enough protection put in place.

We guarantee that no matter which forms filler you decide upon from the ones that we have presented above, you will definitely be satisfied. So, browse through all of them and pick the one that you think will manage to cover all your needs.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in April 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.