Top 5 best free online shooting games to play right now

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  • It can be an overwhelming task to search for a nice free online shooter game, but this guide provides you with the best options.
  • All you need to play these online games is a stable internet connection and a good aim.
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best free online shooting games
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In the last four years, battle royale games have transformed first and third-person shoot em ups. More and more publishers are releasing battle royale online shooting games for Windows.

Those are first and third-person online shooting games in which 100-150 players battle it out on a map until just one player or team remains.

The rise of multiplayer battle royale has also coincided with an increase in free-to-play (F2P) games in recent years.

More developers are now releasing freely available online shooting games. That’s great for players across the world who can now play some terrific F2P games online on Windows, consoles, and mobile devices.

Check out five of the best free online shooting games

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite free online shooting games

Fortnite, along with PUBG, is one of the games that started the battle royale boom in 2017. Fortnite is a third-person shoot em that has amassed a series of awards from the gaming media, including best multiplayer game in 2018.

This game features a colorful and imaginative map for 100 players to battle it out. Although it’s restricted to just the one map, Epic updates that map’s content with seasonal updates.

Fortnite’s map also includes faction locations where players can defeat bosses to unlock vaults.

What sets Fortnite: Battle Royale apart from other online shooting games, however, is its unique building mechanic that enables players to construct fortifications with resources.

The game’s fully destructible environments enable players to gather building resources with their pickaxes. So, players can hack through walls and trees at will and build high fortifications from which to shoot down hostiles.

Check out Fortnite

Apex Legends

Apex Legends free online shooting games

Apex Legends is a battle royale game with a great squad mode. The game features 13 unique Legend characters that players can select to play within three-player squads.

Apex Legends changed the conventions of battle royale games by including 20 teams, which reduces the number of players to 60 in its matches.

Apex Legends has had rave reviews since its 2019 launch. Players have loved the frantic gunplay in Apex. The game’s playable characters also add another dimension to its gameplay.

Check out Apex Legends 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Lite

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds free online shooting games

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise PUBG, is a record-breaking battle royale game that players can play on Windows, consoles, and mobiles.

It has smashed Steam’s concurrent player record. Therefore, PUBG is the most actively played multiplayer game on Steam.

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PUBG pretty much sticks to the standard battle royale formula that it established. Players can play solo or in teams on four maps.

Unlike Fortnite, PUBG includes first and third-person modes that players can switch between. The game also includes an expanded Team Deathmatch mode.

PUBG is now a F2P game with its Lite version. The Lite version has lower system requirements than the original PUBG for Windows. It also includes smaller maps for 60 players to battle it out.

Check out PUBG Lite

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 free online shooting games

Team Fortress 2 is an old online shooter, but it still has plenty of fans despite the rise of battle royale shoot em ups.

This is a good alternative to the increasingly prevalent battle royale games that include 13 alternative game modes to battle it out on.

Team Fortress 2 players love the game’s graphical style, a huge variety of maps, and comical touches you don’t get in the likes of PUBG. Furthermore, TF 2 is still getting regular Valve updates that expand its content.

Check out Team Fortress 2

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone free online shooting games

Warzone is the first F2P Call of Duty game. This is a first-person online shooter that has taken battle royale matches to a bigger scale with 150 players. It features a huge and interesting map for players to battle it out on.

Call of Duty: Warzone introduces gameplay novelties not seen before in other battle royale titles. It is the first battle royale game with respawning that gives players a chance to re-enter matches by winning one-on-one gulag encounters against other eliminated players.

Players can also pick up Contracts that give them more specific missions to complete for additional bonuses. With such novelties, Warzone is a new style of battle royale game that’s attracting millions of players.

Check out Call of Duty: Warzone

Those are some of the great free online shooting games for Windows that provide pulsating blasting action. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Warframe, and Paladins are other online shooters that are also worth noting.

We hope this guide has proven useful, and that you managed to find the perfect online free shooting game for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You don’t need an especially high specification PCs to play all free online shooting games. Games like PUBG Lite and Team Fortress 2 will work fine.

  • You can get the free online shooting games above from Steam, Origin, or Epic Games. Check this guide out if your Steam games won’t launch.

  • To find out how to move Steam games and install them on an SSD device, check out our thorough guide on the topic.

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