Users Who Made a Free Windows 10 Upgrade Will Able to Clean Reinstall Windows 10 on Same Device

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Great news for users who have upgraded or planning to update to Windows with a free path – after the free upgrade, you will be able to perform a clean install if needed.
windows 10 free upgrade clean reinstall
As you well know, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 users will be able to upgrade on July 29th to Windows 10 for free. It’s going to be a big day for Microsoft, there’s no doubt about it, as millions will probably rush to make use of this great offer. However, as it has been previously told by Microsoft, the free license will only be offered for one year, which has left many wondering – what happens if I want to reinstall Windows 10?
The great news comes from Microsoft executive Gabriel Aul who said the following on Twitter:

Once you upgrade W10 w/ the free upgrade offer you will able to clean reinstall Windows 10 on same device any time

So, as we can see, this confirms that Microsoft will allow us to clean install Windows 10 on the same device at any time, which is great news! Gabe Aul is the head of the Windows Insider program at Microsoft, so there are little chances for this information to be wrong. So, if you are a fan of clean install, then this is great news for you!

If you were expecting to have to install Windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1 and then upgrade with the free key, then we can now rest assured it won’t be the case. After all, it would’ve been quite annoying for Microsoft to do that, so it’s nice to see that the company hasn’t lost its common sense.

Windows 10 is a very, very big bet for Microsoft, as it aims to unify both mobile and desktop users after what many considered to be a flop – Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Are you happy with regards to this fresh news? If so, leave your comment below and let us know how you feel about this.

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