Best fund management software [2020 Guide]

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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best fund management software for PC

The investment management industry is currently facing many critical challenges. Using a really good fund management software allows you to focus on other stringent issues, while the tool takes care of the rest.

Fortunately, there are many fund management tools that can you can use to make your job easier. They can  keep track of industry trends, organize your information, help you assess how to use your funds in an efficient way and take corrective actions when necessary.

What to look for in a fund management software?

An optimal fund management program facilitates the identification, the forecasting and the categorization of all source funds. Users can model complex rules to allocate funds from multiple funding sources to recipient budgets, operations and projects without the need for complicated Excel models or even custom programming.

If you’re looking for a reliable fund management software, check out the list below.

Fund management software for business success

V3 for Investment

v3 fund management software

V3 is a powerful, front-to-back software that you can use to manage the entire lifecycle of your funds. This tool allows you to better organize the information related to your investors into distinct capital accounts. Each account contains thorough details about the fund capital transactions, fees and income/expense, and other investment information. Your investors can easily access all this information at any time.

Key features include:

  • NAV Processing
  • Transfers and Exchanges
  • Management and Performance Fees
  • Investor Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Performance Analytics

For more information about V3, go to Vitechinc’s official website.


FusionInvest is a complete investment management software suitable for a wide variety of activities, including fund management. The tools relies on a collaborative investment approach.

This software aim at simplifying the complexity in investment management. It supports all business functions from the front office and risk in order to deliver you accurate information about your investment results.

FusionInvest  is developed by Misys, a reliable company with over 15 years of experience in portfolio management software.  Many companies, including start-ups and established hedge funds rely on this tool to manage their funds.

For more information on FusionInvest, go to Misys official website.

Fund Manager

Fund Manager

Fund Manager is a portfolio management software available in three versions: Personal, Professional, and Advisor. They are perfect for individual investors, professional trader, as well as investment advisors.

This tool produces accurate and easy to grasp financial pictures, allowing you to analyze your investment progress.

Although it comes with an old-fashion user interface, Fund Manager is a complex tool that offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Track stocks, funds, options, bonds, etc
  • Powerful graphing
  • Extensive reports
  • Capital gain calculations
  • Export to tax software
  • Bond calculations/income schedule
  • Multi-currency support
  • Broker/dealer interfaces, and more.

You can purchase Fund Manager starting from $99.00.

EcoSys fund management software

EcoSys fund management software

EcoSys is a very versatile fund management software that offers you the necessary infrastructure to manage your organization‘s funds and distribute them to programs, projects, and operations.

This tool allows you to quickly identify, forecast and categorize all your source funds. You can also model complex rules to allocate funds from multiple funding sources to various projects without using complex Excel models.

Key features include:

  • Automate funding approvals through workflow and email notifications
  • Model cash flows and perform what-if analysis of investment scenarios
  • Report/view data by fiscal period, project lifecycle, funding source
  • Manage and report across projects by portfolio/programs/project types
  • Enforce complex rules for allocations of funds, including strict timing requirements.

For more information and to buy EcoSys, go to the software’s official website.

Altvia fund management software

Altvia fund management software

This fund management tool optimizes the Salesforce platform organizing data more clearly for greater operational efficiency and transparency.

The Altvia fund management software allows you to easily manage your workflows and data and track critical information throughout all the stages of the investing process. You can extract in-depth reports about your investment results and send them over to investors.

For more information about this software, go to Altvia’s official website.


A reliable fund management software tracks your investment results accurately so that you can adapt your strategy accordingly. The tools listed above will provide you with accurate rapports, allowing you to make the best decisions on how to manage your funds.