FY21 earnings call confirms business is good for Microsoft

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  • Microsoft has released its FY21 Q3 finance report at an April 2021 earnings call.
  • The FY21 Q3 financial report shows Microsoft’s turnover and profit has increased on the previous FY20 Q3 report.
  • Mr. Nadella says the pandemic has accelerated digital adoption curves.
  • Microsoft also announced at its FY21 earnings call that Windows 10’s user base has increased to 1.3 billion devices.

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Microsoft has released its FY21 Q3 earnings report in April 2021. That report shows there has been revenue, operating, and net income increases for the big M over the last three months.

Microsoft also announced a notable increase in Windows 10’s user base at its latest earnings call.

The FY21 Q3 report

Microsoft’s FY21 Q3 financial report shows the company’s overall turnover and profit for the period January to March 2021. During that period, Microsoft’s total turnover amounted to approximately 41.7 billion.

The company’s net income (its profit) figure of approx 15.5 billion is also a rosy one.

Those figures are all the better for Microsoft as they are higher than those recorded for the FY20 Q3 finance report. The big M has confirmed its revenue has increased by 19 percent on the FY20 Q3 total.

The 15.5 billion net income figure is up by 44 percent on the previous FY20 Q3 profit total.

Microsoft’s investors will no doubt be encouraged with the latest financial figures.

The big M’s stock market performance has been strong over the last three years as its stock has reputedly increased by 240 percent over that period. The FY21 report shows investors Microsoft is sustaining an upward trend.

The FY21 report highlights Microsoft has benefited from the global pandemic. That pandemic has generated a surge in cloud usage. Microsoft chief, Mr. Nadella, said this:

Over a year into the pandemic, digital adoption curves aren’t slowing down. They’re accelerating, and it’s just the beginning.

Windows 10 installed on 1.3 billion active devices

Aside from its latest financial report, Microsoft had more good news at its FY21 Q3 earnings call. The big M announced that Windows 10 is now installed on 1.3 billion devices. That means Windows 10’s user base has increased by 300 million since 2020.

Windows 10 finally reached the golden one billion device mark in 2020 (later than expected). As Microsoft discontinued Windows 10 Mobile, it took a bit longer for the big M’s flagship OS to reach that milestone.

Nevertheless, the Windows 10 desktop platform has gone from strength to strength.

So, Microsoft has had quite a lot to celebrate in April 2021. The big M’s FY21 Q3 report shows financial increases across the board, and Windows 10 is now comfortably the world’s biggest PC platform with an ever-expanding user base.

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