God of War PC players are experiencing major FPS drops

by Alexandru Poloboc
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We’re pretty sure you are already aware of the fact that the latest title in the God of War series has become available for PC players.

But while mostly everyone is enjoying their shot at Sony’s once exclusive game, some are struggling with some issues that affect gameplay.

Problems are not entirely unexpected, even though the game had a pretty smooth transition to PCs, some people even making it possible for it to be played on Windows 7 and 8.

The FPS issues are mainly an AMD issue, apparently

With Ragnarok technically right around the corner, players that have bested the game on PlayStation are now looking forward to the sequel.

However, the rest of the enthusiasts, those who don’t own Sony-powered gaming consoles, are now eager to enjoy the experience on their PCs.

And although you don’t really see people complaining about God of War for PC, there are some who are struggling and wonder why this is happening.

More and more reports are surfacing in the online world, mostly created by players that are apparently trying out the game on rigs that have AMD GPUs and/or CPUs.

I am getting constantly low FPS values on the PC version of this game in certain scenes. I am averaging around 90FPS for the game. But for example in Lake of Nine, when I look at certain directions, I am getting around 40-50 FPS. And funnily, the FPS doesn’t change when I change any of the graphics settings / resolution. Another example scene is from Alfheim I am getting around 55-60 FPS no matter which graphics options I am using. To make comparison easier, I have changed the FidelityFX (Render resolution scale) settings of the game. And there is 0 FPS difference in certain angles.

Even though no official announcements were made by the creators or the people from AMD, this is still all speculation for the time being.

But, if we were to go by the number of gamers with AMD components that are reporting similar issues, we can clearly understand that there is some sort of a conflict there.

Basically, what users are saying is that the game runs well, at first, but they can observe massive FPS drops in some areas, such as Lake Nine. for example.

There, the drops are quite significant, reducing even by half, in some cases. Even more concerning is the fact that most of the responders to such posts confirm that they are going through the same situation, on AMD-powered rigs.

Same issue with my 6800xt playing 3440×1440 as well. It’s an AMD issue and if you check your gpu usage during those huge frame drops you will see the usage tank as well. Thankfully it seems to be limited to specific areas or like you said, looking in a specific direction.

This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, considering the issues that gamers experienced recently with the world-renowned hardware manufacturer.

But this is still something that AMD developers and game creators alike should look into as soon as possible, making God of War a pleasant experience for absolutely everyone.

Especially now that so many people are invested in playing it, considering that in a short time, the latest God of War title amassed more new players than Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn did when they were released on Steam.

What can I do to fix these FPS drops?

As we said, these problems being only related to AMD-powered setups are not officially confirmed yet, so it’s very possible that people with different hardware to be experiencing the same.

But there are some steps you can complete to make sure that you eliminate some of the causes that could lead to FPS drops.

First, make sure that your game is running on the latest version. Also, don’t forget to update your graphics drivers, which is another important step in overcoming this problem.

Disabling any overlays, as well as the Xbox Game Bar and its recording features is another great idea that could lead to some smooth gaming.

Remember to also optimize your in-game graphic settings, to make sure you aren’t trying to play on unsupported resolutions and detail levels.

Finally, changing your Windows power plan could also do the trick, if a more conservative one is selected, a fact which would also impede the game from running as smoothly as you want it.

We’ll keep an eye out for any developments in this story and inform you as soon as we find out any new details concerning these FPS drops.

Don’t forget that God of War: Ragnarok, the next step in Kratos’ journey, will be released somewhere in September, according to some recent leaks.

Until then, if you fancy playing some more PlayStation exclusives on your PC, we remind you that there are also rumors about Ghost of Tsushima coming to Steam in February.

Are you also experiencing FPS drops when playing God of War on your PC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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