Google Chrome now lets you create links targeting words in webpages

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Chrome announced a brand new exciting feature that will let users create a link to a word on the existing webpage and share it with others. The Scroll to Text feature will help those users who are interested in jumping to a particular word or phrase to read a webpage. The new feature is expected to be available in all the browsers using Chromium engine including Google Chrome and the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

Chromium developer David Bokan, has worked on the feature and it has been confirmed in a recent code commit on Github. The code is expected to be available to the Canary version in a couple of weeks. While right now it has been added to Chrome as a flag.

The developer is also working to suggest a workaround to highlighting multiple snippets of text. It is expected that Firefox, Safari, and others might also facilitate the users by working on a similar feature in the next few months. 

How Does Scroll to Text Work?

We often come across a situation when we have to share a specific portion that we like from a long article. Currently, we have to refer to the specific point by either sharing a screenshot, using the Ctrl + F Command on the web page or use the anchor link (if available).

Most of you might find it pretty annoying and they end up skipping the information you want to share. 

Now the users will be able to highlight a particular portion of text and then they will be able to create a custom URL. Furthermore, the nomenclature suggests that as soon as the user clicks the URL, it will be loading as usual and then the page will automatically scroll to a specific section of text.

 It works similar to the YouTube feature that allows us to jumps to a preselected time in a video. 

The ‘targetText=’ prefix will be used to encode the text snippet in the URL and the prefix will have the string containing the keywords. You can also encode long phrases by using the beginning and end words. 

Scroll to Text is expected to save most of the people who are stuck in an annoying situation. The feature is still in development phases and the company has not yet shared any details regarding its release to the Stable branch of Chrome. It seems like it might take quite a while to reach us.

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