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  • Sometimes you might get a message saying to enter a certain code on
  • Today we’re going to show you what to do if you get this message.
  • A web browser is one of the most important applications on your PC, so check our Browsers Hub.
  • We've covered more about two-factor authentification in our Security & Privacy Hub as well.
google com device on any browser and enter this code
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Certain devices can give you a message saying Go to on any browser and enter this code.

This message isn’t anything to worry about, and today we’ll show you what to do if you encounter it.

How do I fix code message?

1. Follow instructions in the message

  1. Go to page.
  2. Now enter the code that is displayed on your device and click Next.
    connect a device connect to device on any browser and enter this code
  3. After doing that, your account should be verified and ready to use.

Go to on any browser and enter this code message is just a security feature that will protect certain devices and services. It works as a two-factor authentication of sorts.

By entering this code on Google’s device page, you’ll confirm the authenticity of your account and you’ll be allowed to log in.

Although you can do this in any web browser, we’d recommend using Opera. The browser has its own ad blocker that will block ads and tracking scripts and make websites load faster.

The browser also has a VPN that can be used for circumventing geo-restrictions or as an extra security layer. Of course, the VPN is completely free and it offers unlimited bandwidth.

Opera is also light on your resources, so it should be able to handle any task with ease. The browser also has the ability to organize tabs into workspaces, and there’s even a built-in messenger and Instagram integration.

Opera is built on Chromium engine, and it works with Chrome apps, so if you’re using any Google device, Opera will be the perfect choice for it, so feel free to try it.



Enter your codes safely knowing that your data is protected by several layers of

Go to on any browser and enter this code is just a security measure, and we hope that you understand better why this message appears and how to handle it after reading this article.

FAQ: Learn more about Google

  • What can someone do with a Google verification code?

Google verification code works as a second password, and it’s usually sent to your email or phone. If a malicious user gets your verification code, it can access your Google account.

  • What do I do if I didn’t get a Google verification code?

If you didn’t get your Google verification code sure to check the Spam folder in your email client. Alternatively, you can request the code again.

  • How can I access my Google account without verification code?

You can access your Google account without the verification code if you disable two-factor authentication first.

  • How can I get into Gmail without password or phone number?

The only way to get into Gmail without your password and phone number is to go through the password reset process.