We’ve got an update for you: What you need to know about this Windows 10 prompt

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We've got an update for you

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You may have recently encountered the “We’ve got an update for you” message. This prompt, unique to Windows 10, is a grain of sand in the desert of recent changes that Microsoft is trying on the Windows platform. This, in no subtle way, tells you there is a significant update for Windows, and you should install it as soon as possible.

‘We’ve got an update for you’ in the bigger picture

In recent years, Microsoft has been trying to change their release strategy for their flagship product — the Windows Operating System. They are moving further away from the traditional model of big numbered releases every few years to smaller updates less than a year apart (there are 2 updates planned for 2017). In other words, Microsoft is trying to make Windows a service instead of a traditional software. The company’s tagline for Windows 10 was Windows as a Service.

This is where this prompt comes in. It is Microsoft’s way of grabbing your attention and telling you that you should update your Windows. It is a small part of their overall strategy of keeping all Windows users up-to-date. Another, perhaps more obvious, change was making it much harder for users to disable Windows updates. Disabling Window Update was a few simple steps in Windows 8. In windows 10 it turned into a complex and near impossible task that you can’t do without a tutorial.

How to remove the ‘We’ve got an update for you’ prompt

There are a few ways you can circumvent the prompt and stop it from appearing. Those usually involve preventing Windows from downloading updates automatically. It should be noted that this includes significant risks; you shouldn’t do it without the proper knowledge of the downfalls. Mainly how it will affect the security of your computer because you won’t get the security patches that Microsoft rolls out automatically. If you still want to go with it, feel free to read our articles: Disable Windows 10 automatic updates: tips and tricks and the related article How to block Windows 10 Creators Update from installing.


In this article, we not only looked at the new prompt in Windows 10, we also looked at the underlying reasons behind Microsoft showing us that prompt. We hope it was informative. Please tell us your stories with this prompt in the comment section and, has it has caused you any nuisance?



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