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  • Guitar recording software helps you capture your guitar sounds in high quality on your computer. You can find solutions for amateurs and professional guitarists alike.
  • In this list, we selected the 5 best guitar recording tools for Windows PC & Mac
  • All are free to try, but Cakewalk and Audacity are entirely free to use, ideal for aspiring guitarists trying to break into the music production industry.
guitar recording tools

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Guitar recording software tools are a must-have for musicians who wish to create great guitar tones when looking to make the next big hit. Recording your guitar is also a great way to have others listen to you drop a solo as well as to spot weaknesses in your skills.

Also known as DAW solutions (Digital Audio Workstations), the tools on this list don’t lack anything when it comes to guitar recording, so they can be your secret weapon in your quest to become the next Jimi Hendrix.

There are numerous options with a majority being straightforward meaning users can use them without undergoing tiring tutorials. Well, developers have been constantly improving these programs so nowadays, these software have become a must-have in both home and commercial studios.

Like it’s the norm when we come to digital music tools, there’s no correct or wrong answer. Rather, guitarists should focus on getting audio recording software that best serves their needs. That’s because what works for one musician doesn’t necessarily work for their peer. Above all, you should select software that’s intuitive and rich enough to help accomplish your goals.

That said, our team has done some of the heavy liftings and come up with a shortlist of some of the very best recording software.

Here are the 5 best tools to record guitar on PC

  1. Magix Music Maker
  2. Pro Tools
  3. Cakewalk by Bandlab
  4. Cubase
  5. Audacity

Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker is an innovative guitar amplifier and it grabs the headlines in this immensely popular recording software.

This means you can record, distort, amplify, and even alter the tone of your recordings as desired.
The other big news is the simplicity of recording your own music: You simply connect your guitar and you’re primed to record in gold-standard studio quality.

The rich audio effects also prove extremely useful when developing your own music styles and or mixing and give you room to freely express your talent. Plus you can choose to add your guitar music to the over 100 included styles.

Like in the rest top-ranked recording applications, you can easily share your latest production with the world from the sharing tool.

On the same note, you can have the helpful music maker community critiquing your work and get free expert advice on how to up your game.

Lastly, the included mastering tools enable you to work with higher precision when refining your final product.

Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker

Need music editing and recording software? With Magix you can produce your guitar songs like a pro effortlessly

Check priceVisit website

Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools is one of the premium guitar recording software. Built to make guitar recording fun, the program is renowned for its extensive enhancements.

From the convenient quick punch recording to the high-quality guitar amp emulators, you have all the improvements needed to create thrilling tracks.

It’s also very dependable and whether you prefer recording directly to your PC or via an audio interface, the program always does a flawless job.

Additionally, Pro Tools enables you to easily share your hot rhythms and mix with your fans and masses thanks to its built-in sharing tools.

Also favorable is the fact that it works with various MIDI controllers since you can always access any tracks you have ever recorded.

Most importantly, the software records clean guitar signals which you can later re-amp if you conclude the raw sound is not exactly what you wanted.

There are three available versions with ProTools First being free. ProTools Ultimate is the most advanced but pricier.

Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools

Record your guitar with professional support from Avid Pro Tools, and offer a good audition for your peers!

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Cakewalk By Bandlab

How do I record my guitar on my computer?

Formerly known as Sonar, Cakewalk by Bandlab comes with a massive library of loops, riffs, and more, and so it’s the way to go if you want to awe with killer guitar tracks.

The precision audio technology, effective resampling, workflow-enhancing efficiency, monitoring options, and best-in-class mix editor guarantee raucous tunes every time.

And it’s a great software even for starters considering that setup, configuration, and program use are all straightforward.

On the other hand, experienced artists have mentioned that the latest release is super powerful and preferable even for recording live situations.

The other highlight is the program’s premium guitar effects and real-time automatic pitch correction that are sure to help make a masterpiece.

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Whether you have a rock star acoustic or electric guitar, Cakewalk by Bandlab’s award-winning features are simply irresistible.

Even more amazing, the award-winning recording software is 100% free.

⇒ Get Cakewalk


Cubase is regarded as one of the most robust guitar recording software packages globally and with good reason:

It offers a tremendous collection of flexible tools to allow you to record or edit your previous recordings quickly and intuitively.

The application further supplements this with an array of powerful effects and tons of dynamic sounds all of which are easy to apply.

To cap what is a very well thought out recording tool, Cubase’s amp simulations, and vocal alignment panels intelligently determine the greatest guitar sound.

Whether you’re a skilled professional or a beginner, Cubase is endowed with all you may need to turn your fledgling hobby into hit music.

Cubase is available in three versions: Elements, artist, and the all-powerful Pro with all sharing the same pristine quality and crucially, ease of use.

They, however, come at different prices.

 Get Cubase


Audacity also made the grade mainly courtesy of its amazing live recording and easy-to-invoke effects.

As such, you can record the best live guitar after setting the optimal recording speed or pitch of your recording.

Not one to lag behind, the software comes with its healthy assembly of top-notch functions, some of them very advanced.

For example, it allows you to export your inspiration recordings in myriad file formats, including sending several files simultaneously.

In like manner, the program has one of the very best sound qualities as a result of its exceptional resampling and dithering.

Also timely is the timer record. For starters, this enables the musician to schedule when to start and end his/her recording and additionally set audacity to automatically save the project or export it to a selected audio format.

The program’s punch and roll record feature has also won a lot of praise. You see, this feature enables recorders to correct errors made during the course of recording easily.

You can pause, back up over an error, and continue recording. The end product is one track with zero mistakes and properly timed.

Long story short, considering it’s free, audacity’s quality is beautiful music to enthusiast’s ears.

 Get Audacity


So, the above are our nominees for the best software for guitar recording. We love their intuitiveness, their versatility, and the avalanche of features.

Now it’s you to pick and download the program that you feel will best serve your interests.

Please do and let us know your favored option in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can record your guitar on PC using any of the software solutions we mentioned on this list. To get familiarized with an audio recorder for guitars, you can try Audacity.

  • All Windows tools from this list have a free version. However, Cakewalk and Audacity are 100% freeware.

  • Here’s the best audio recording software for your Windows 10 PC. Those tools are excellent for music production, both as a profession and a hobby.

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