Haier Launches its Affordable Windows 8.1, 10 Mini Pad Tablet [MWC 2014]

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We’ll forgive you for not recognizing the name of this company, as it usually deals more with home appliances and less with mobile electronics. But wanting to get a piece of the lucrative pie, which is the mobile market, this year at the Mobile World Congress they’ve presented a bunch of devices, covering Android smartphones and Windows 8 tablets.
haierpad windows 8.1 tablet
All of the three tablets have been recently announced: one run on Windows 8 and two run on Android, but they’ve managed to peak our interest even more with their statement about their Mini PAD781 saying that it is the “the world’s slimmest tablet”. While this statement isn’t necessarily true, the tablet still remains of the slimmest Android tablets. Haier told us that it is really hard to slim down Windows 8 tablets, because they need to accommodate the hardware from within.

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Haier outs its quad core Windows 8.1 tablet

HaierPad W1048 – Haier’s first quad-core tablet was head-turner at MWC 2014. The 1,8 GHz quad-core device is running Windows 8 and it comes with Microsoft Office 2013 pre-installed. The device is has a detachable keyboard which allows users to quickly turn it into a laptop. Its large 10.1” IPS HD is perfect for video streaming and thanks to the microSD card slot, owners can expand the memory of the device to up to 32GB. This device will be available in Europe starting April 2014 and it will retail for around 399 Euros.

Even though thee devices presented by Haier have good specs and look better than most other Windows 8 tablets I’ve seen, it will be pretty difficult for them to make a name for themselves in this industry, where there are so many well known manufacturers with lots of awesome products.

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