Halo 5 sprint feature could be removed in Halo 6

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Halo 5: Guardians was launched in October 2015, but there is one feature that doesn’t give gamers peace of mind after all this time. Should the sprint feature really be in the game?

Long story short, many gamers suggest that sprint shouldn’t be available in campaign, and should be removed in the next Halo 6 game. On the other hand, there are players who really appreciate the sprint feature because it improves the gaming experience.

Without exaggerating, the Halo 5: Guardians forums have become the battle field for this fierce “For or Against” debate. As a matter of fact, the thread hosting this debate has more than 10,000 replies in just 4 months, confirming the interest of the Halo 5 gaming community for this topic.

As stated before, the Halo 5 community is divided: gamers who have access to the sprint feature wish they didn’t, while other players wish they could use sprint. But why is there so much fuss around the Halo 5 sprint feature?

Some gamers say that sprint has ruined Halo 5’s map flow and design. Compared to previous versions of the game, when they were able to move in all directions without hesitation and use their gun at all times, now their movements are restricted to one direction only. Gamers now accuse 343 Studios that Halo 5 has become another generic shooter, where players’ decisions are no longer that important. The main argument for this idea is that gamers are not being able to shoot while sprinting.

Another argument used by the “Against sprint camp” is that it doesn’t really make sense to be able to sprint while wearing such heavy armor. The sprint feature makes the game feel odd and less realistic.

On the other hand, the “Pro sprint camp” claims that being able to sprint improves the game experience. These gamers say that sprinting allows them to move faster, and if other players can’t fully take advantage of this feature, then that’s their problem, adding that detractors should rather learn to use sprint than bash it.

Whether Halo 6 should support sprint or not is another hot topic derived from this debate. The “Against sprint camp” suggests 343 should bring back the simple game mechanics that made the Halo series so great. However, the company has yet to issue any comments about this request.

Which side are you on in this debate?


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I can do without the sprint, but it does help getting through those lengthy sections where all you are doing is traveling. During a gun fight, it isn’t used. Bottom line: if you don’t like sprint, don’t use it! It’s that simply, really.

If you look at the shooters that do have sprint such as COD, you see that it isn’t really focused around team based combat. Halo 5, while still revolving around team based combat with vehicles and shields (in which I mean not just one shot, head shoting everything you see) has become less of a team based multiplayer and in term, less social. The halo games beforehand didn’t have sprint focused more on a team based movement. You couldn’t just walk out into and open battlefield without being killed very quickly, but the sprint option is like a get out of jail free card.

Sprint destroys map control, speeding up the game, again taking away the team based combat.

Sprint doesn’t make sense in a game like halo with a long time to kill but has encourage the developers to make combat quick, being more of who shoots first then skill or positioning. The weapons in halo 5, especially the reqs have ridiculous time to kills, a lot of time you don’t even get to look at the person who is shooting at you before you die. This is supported by Halo 3 having it’s AR kill in 1.53 seconds, BR kill in 1.63 seconds and halo reach AR kill in 1.84 seconds and DMR kill in 1.6 compared to Halo 5 AR killing 1.1 and BR killing in 1.35. This doesn’t seem like much but take into consideration the average halo players accuracy is 50-55% meaning for the DMR in reach compared to halo 5 you would have a whole extra second to counter in the battle. Also take into consideration you won’t be shooting all the time since you have reloading/may change weapon/may hide behind cover.

Going quickly on time to kills, it has made it harder to use weapons such as the legendary energy sword and gravity hammer now feel very out of place and ineffective even with the sprint ability.

As stated above, sprint does destroy map design as being in an advantageous position doesn’t matter when the opponent has sprint. Clamber ability has also added to this.

I have been playing halo since the halo:ce on the PC and is the cause of me buying the original, 360 and xbone. I have had fun with halo 5 and do like the multiplayer (maybe not the req system so much) but I do think sprint needs to go. I am open to change for the halo series unlike a lot of the halo community and do think that halo needs to evolve to survive as a series. I think equipment from halo 3 or armor abilities in halo reach would be a better replacement for sprint and the spartan abilities. The spartan abilities have been a great addition, flowing very nicely into the combat, but going back to team based combat, the spartan abilities just add more one-shot-kills in the game .Equipment from halo 3 could change the tide of the battle. Eg. A healing station could make the team push forward together or a discharge ball (forgot the name) could scatter a group of enemies in a room or on a control point.

Halo shouldn’t have sprint because of the reasons stated above and I do think adding sprint will only add it to the not unique games out there (COD, Titanfall). Lastly just want to say that I think they wont go back on there decision so I would recommend increasing the time to kill for a better experience. Me and friends increase the shields in custom games modes because it does play better.

PREACH!! I myself growing up with halo since halo CE in 2001. I also believe that sprint and abilities should defiantly be taken out for a better halo experience. halo 3 was a masterpiece
people need to go to YouTube and type in the “why sprint doesn’t belong in halo”
an check out
Wpns Grade
‘s youtube channels with them they explain in full detail why it shouldn’t be in there
halo 3 forever and always lol

I’m sorry but disabling sprint makes the only shooter I enjoy (halo) feel like goldeneye. archaically slow. Leave sprint in please. or at least give us the option to enable/disable it

Yes. Me and many other people in the halo community want sprint gone and for good reason too. Sprint is only in halo 5 to satisfy casual gamers as they expect sprint to be in the game as it is in a lot of fps now (COD, Battlefield, Titanfall, etc). Also it breaks the golden triangle which was the 3 core gameplay elements of the original games (weapon, grenade and meele). If you disagree with me then ask yourself this question. What makes halo 5 different from every other fps out in the market? Halo was unique from other games at the time and it should NEVER try to copy other games. Sprint also makes the map design feel stale and repetitive.

And for not responding to the “anti sprint camp”, maybe because it’s actually a relatively small group of people that are complaining without good enough reasons to warrant a change?

It is less realistic that the greatest weapon of humanity can not sprint! I love the older halo titles dont get me wrong, but sprint was a feature i was always waiting for. It gives you more options in the fight and speeds up the gameplay. Before sprint mp was ok but never that funny to me. Sprint is a good thing. And do we really have to talk about “realistic things” in a scifi video game? If they remove sprint in campaign i will not play halo 6. Halo for life o/