Hearthstone August Patch issues: game crashes, Arena disconnects, and more

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Blizzard recently released a new patch for Hearthstone to prepare players for the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. The new patch teases users with some of the upcoming features, and fixes a few known issues.

However, besides bringing all these positive things, the August 8 patch also causes some problems of its own. A few users complained about certain issues on the forums. In this article, we’re going to round up the complaints in order to give you the idea of what needs to be resolved before the long-awaited expansion arrives.

Hearthstone August 8 patch issues

First of all, one of our game testers played Hearthstone upon installing the patch. He noticed a strange issue that we haven’t found on the forums. Of course, if you already saw someone else complaining about it, feel free to post the thread link in the comments.

Namely, animations from the cards like Mimic Pod for Rogue, or Druid “choose one” cards+ Fandral Staghelm are slower, thus the players’ turn-time is less. This is a very annoying issue for the professional players, because they’ll have won’t have enough time to think during their turns while competing in tournaments and championships. We’re sure LifeCoach will have something to say about this.

And now, on to the reported issues.

Unable to launch the game

The major problem with the latest patch, and the problem that causes headaches to Hearthstone players who installed is the game-launching issue. Namely, numerous players have reported that they’re unable to run the game, for various reasons. Here’s what just some of them said:

“I need some help whenever i start hs i go into the menu and after a few seconds i get disconnected from hs I redownloaded the game and verifed it as well nothing has worked so far i could really use some help”

“My Hearthstone doesn’t work it start up and ask me to sign in and then it say i have to Update but its already Update 
I have talen screen shot but im not sure hos to attach it”

“I can not login hearthstone on my pc, game is crashed. But i can login with another account with the same pc. Also i can login with my iphone with both accounts. What is the solution of that?”

Blizzard technicians haven’t been so helpful on this one so far. They mainly suggest updating Windows 10, and installing all the latest updates and drivers for the system. But we’re not sure how helpful this solution is. We can recommend you to check out our article about launching issues with Hearthstone, but we cannot guarantee any of them will work in this case.

Lags during gameplay

A lot of players also reported strange lags during gameplay. Here’s what one of them said:

“For a while now my hearthstone has felt choppy and freezes/spikes randomly. This occurs in the menus and while in game, it is only a slight lag spike or frame delay but it really ruins the feel of the game making it almost unbareable to play.

Any ideas on how to fix this?”

Unfortunately, no one had a proper solution for this problem. So, we hope the expansion will actually feature the fix.

Issues with card and player names

One player said that player and card names disappear when he plays the game:

“This appeared after some patch a few weeks ago. All my card names, player names, quest progress, and other text gets “scrambled”. It can be partially fixed by setting another resolution, but when another card is drawn or played, it will be scrambled again. It hasn’t been much of a problem until now but with the new expansion coming out, not knowing the card names will be a real detriment. Is there any way I can fix this?”

Arena disconnects

And finally, there are also reports saying that the Arena mode is prone to disconnecting after installing the August 8 patch:

“Hello guys I got disconnected from arena twice in a row. 
My internet is perfectly fine, used terminal to ping at that time, every other sites/streams worked well except – eu.battle.net.
Are you having any technical problems that disrupted my games?
Thanks for answers, it’s kinda sad that I spent gold for nothing but well, happens.”

Unfortunately, this issue also remains unresolved, as no one from the forums had a proper solution for it.

That’s about it for the most serious problems that occurred after the August 8 patch for Hearthstone. As you can see, the August 8 patch is quite troublesome for such a minor update. So, developers definitely need to do some work, if they don’t want to spoil the fun of players anticipating the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

Have you noticed any problems upon installing the latest patch? What do you expect from tomorrow’s expansions? Let us know in the comments below. 


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