How To: All The Keys Steps to Edit My AOL Profile

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Edit AOL profile

Your AOL account is an important tool when it comes to work and career, and you want to have the best looking profile possible. Incase you’re wondering on the steps to edit my AOL profile, we have listed them. You can easily change your AOL profile if you need an update, or if you realized you made a mistake.

Steps in editing my AOL profile

It is actually quite easy to change your profile in AOL. Let us look at the steps to do so. But first, you need to log in to your account in AOL.


Go to settings

Once you are logged in, click on the “Options” button that is found at the upper right corner of your screen. And then choose the option “Mail Settings”.

Edit aol profile


Change your personal information

Under the Mail Settings you will find three options, and the first one is “Personal Info”. In this page you can change your nickname, first name, last name, and gender. And you do have an option not to disclose your gender, though you absolutely need to fill in your name information.

Modify your account security

After you have modified your personal information, you can proceed to the next tab which is “Account Security”. In this page you can change your password to something more secure and hard to guess by other people. You also have the option to update your phone number, and you have the view of your email address. In here you can change your verification process and have the option to allow or not allow apps that offer low security in logging in.

edit aol profile

Save your profile changes

Now that you are done updating your personal information and security options, you must save your changes. Simply click on the save button and wait for the saving to complete, and then you’re good to go.


Changing my AOL profile picture

If updating your information isn’t enough, you can change your photo before you close the mail settings.


Photo requirements

Before you upload a new photo, you need to know the photo requirements first. AOL does not accept all kinds of photo. You can only upload the photo in the following image requirements:

  • 5MB max image file size
  • File format of .jpg, .jpeg, or .png
  • 192 x 192 min image resolution size

edit aol profile

Click on your photo section

A key part of editing my AOL profile is changing the photo. To change your photo,

  1. Click on mail settings
  2. Go to the personal information section. You will find a camera image circle if there is no photo yet. Or you can see your own image if you have uploaded a photo already.
  3. Click on that photo option
  4. Upload your new photo.

Just make sure that you follow the exact requirements for an image before you upload. Choose a recent photo of yours, though you can also upload an image of a landscape, animal, or anything else you like. But refrain from using another person’s photo.


Once you have uploaded your new photo on your AOL profile, you can edit the image by simply rotating it or cropping it to your liking.

And then the last step is to save your changes. Log out of your account, and log back in to check if the new changes took effect.

Edit AOL profile

Note: It is possible that you will be prompted to key in the answer to your Account Security Question. This could happen once you try to change your profile name, or change your profile photo.

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