HTC 8X Windows 10 update: here’s all you need to know

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HTC 8X is one of the few smartphones coming from big OEMs that support Windows Phone. Aannounced 3 years ago, there are still plenty of owners who are interested in moving to Windows 10 Mobile.

htc 8x windows 10 mobile reboot

According to a couple of HTC 8X owners, they have been reporting various problems after installing the preview version of Windows 10 Mobile. Here’s what one of them has been saying:

After installation of Windows 10 insider preview my phone is still rebooting. Windows Phone Recovery Tool doesn’t have package for HTC 8X to recover.

For the time being there doesn’t seem to be an official solution, but a Microsoft representative has reached out and advised that those affected by the problem should perform a Soft Reset in order to solve this.

But this isn’t the single issue that HTC 8X owners have been reporting. Another quite long thread on the Microsoft support forums details how the device ‘goes dead’ after installing Windows 10 Mobile Preview.

In this case, the Windows Phone recovery tool is advised to be used in order to roll back to Windows 8.1, but even this doesn’t seem to work always, as there’s no HTC 8X recovery image on the servers, according to users.

Fix bricked HTC 8X after Windows 10 install

Somebody is suggesting the following steps to be followed in case your HTC 8X has been bricked when trying to install Windows 10 Mobile:

  1. Download the Winndows Phone 8.1 ROM and ROM update utility
  2. Unrar it
  3. Open the phone on recovery mode
  4. Do the following – turn on phone, press volume down+volume up, small text appears, plug the phone to computer via USB cable
  5. Now double click the ROMUpdateUtility.exe on the computer
  6. Now it starts to flash

During this process, the screen will go black and green words will appear. There are possibilities that this process will stop but you can restart to resume it.

Are you a HTC 8X owner and have you been experiencing the same problems? If so, then leave your comment below and let us know.

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