HTC One M8 ineligible for Windows 10 Upgrade; HTC says otherwise

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Last week, Microsoft released the official version of the Windows 10 Mobile operating system. But a lot of users were left unsatisfied because the upgrade is available on small number devices than was originally expected, launching an avalanche of negative reaction.

Microsoft’s official list of devices compatible with the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade Only features devices with at least 1GB of RAM memory, making devices with 512MB of RAM ineligible despite the fact that many Insiders claim that Windows 10 Mobile could work on devices with a lower amount of RAM without problems. That’s not all: some devices that are actually eligible for the upgrade when considering their specifications are not going to receive Windows 10 Mobile, either. One of these devices is HTC One M8 for Windows, a device that features 2GB of RAM — an amount of RAM that makes the HTC One M8 more powerful than most devices on Microsoft’s list.

Microsoft hasn’t specified why this phone won’t receive the upgrade, but the HTC One M8 is hardly the only device not receiving the upgrade despite proper specifications: Microsoft’s own Lumia 1020 also features 2GB of RAM and is suffering the same fate. Microsoft explained the reason for Lumia 1020’s ineligibility was due to user feedback claiming Microsoft’s OS didn’t perform well on this device — perhaps the reason why the HTC One M8 isn’t getting the update, either.

A glimmer of hope for owners of HTC One M8 does exist, though: HTC has stated on its forum that the upgrade for this device is indeed pending and that the company has plans to upgrade it eventually. Only time will tell if this is true.

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What do you think: are HTC’s claims true? Will it upgrade the HTC One M8 to Windows 10 Mobile eventually? Tell us in the comment section below!

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well i have the one m8 windows phone with the latest build 10586.494 verizon. well after a factory hard reset its been powering off and on spontaneously.

so the lumia 550 whit shity specs is windows 10 but the m8 is not.. ms logic

I have W10 Mobile running on mine as part of the insiders fast ring, but the handset has since been pulled from the supported list. I think Microsoft is trying to kill off Windows Mobile, otherwise why would they keep limiting the supported hardware?

I have 10 preview running on my m8. It’s pretty solid. I think people give negative reviews to push MS to improve. This is just another example of microsoft punishing their supporters. I’m done with them.

Interesting. I have had Windows OSX running on my One M8 for close to a year. I started wtih the insider program and then moved it to the “release” version in December. I only stopped using it because Microsoft sent me a 950XL. Otherwise this phone is rock solid with Win 10. The specs are not much less than the 950XL, except for a crap camera. My 13-year-old is now using the M8.

I have the T-Mobile One M8. Bought it with Win 8 to replace my Note 2. My son uses it as his daily driver now. I currently have the dual sim Lumia 950XL with both T-Mobile and AT&T SIM cards.

This is never going to happen. HTC does not have any pull whatsoever with Microsoft. I would never buy another HTC and will certainly never buy another Windows phone.

you can get the official upgrade to windows 10, the only way to do this is installing windows insider app and sign in with your Microsoft account.
don’t expect any more updates, but you can take advantage of the desktop features they’ve added and more apps when they’re added.

Ahh right,
Yeah probably not going to happen but at least its got everything it needs, only thing it needs more of is apps from other platforms, which despite no more updates, you can still get universal apps through store I found.