How to fix iCloud in Windows 10/11 if it’s not working

by Matthew Adams
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icloud issues on windows 10
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Apple’s iCloud is cloud storage for documents, music, and photos; but it isn’t just limited to iOS and Mac devices. The iCloud for Windows software enables you to save multimedia files and documents to Apple’s cloud storage in Windows 10 and sync them with other devices. However, some might encounter a few issues with iCloud in Windows 10, such as missing media features or photo streams not synching, which can be fixed.

What to do if iCloud won’t work on Windows 10

  1. Fix Missing Media Features
  2. Enable iCloud Photos on Windows 10
  3. Fix iCloud Photo Stream not Synching
  4. Update iCloud for Windows

Fix Missing Media Features

You can’t install and run iCloud for Windows without the Windows Media Player. WMP is one of the programs already included in Windows 10, so you shouldn’t need to install that software unless you’ve removed it. However, Windows 10 KN and N versions don’t come with the WMP. You can add it to those platform versions by pressing the Download button on this page to save the Media Feature Pack to HDD. If you’re sure the Media Player is installed, check that it’s switched on as follows.

  • Click the Cortana button and input ‘program’ in the search box to open the Programs and Features window shown below.

  • Click Turn Windows features on or off to open the window directly below.

  • Now click the + to expand Media Features, which includes a Windows Media Player check box.
  • Is the Windows Media Player checkbox selected? If not, select it and press OK to close the window.
  • Restart the OS and add iCloud to Windows.
  • If Windows Media Player is selected, you can reinstall it by deselecting its checkbox and restarting Windows. Then select the Windows Media Player check box again to switch it back on.

Enable iCloud Photos on Windows 10

  • Are you getting an “iCloud Photos is not enabled” error even though you’re signed in to iCloud for Windows? If so, you can fix that by selecting the My Photo Stream option in iCloud as follows.
  • First, open the iCloud for Windows software.
  • Click the Open iCloud text and then select the Photos checkbox.

  • Press the Options button for Photos to open further settings.
  • Select the My Photo Stream option.
  • You can also press the Change button to choose an alternative default photos location in Windows.
  • Click OK > Apply to confirm selected settings.

Fix iCloud Photo Stream not Synching

  • If your iCloud software is set up to download the photos but still not downloading photo streams, open the Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager.

  • Select the Processes tab and then search for Apple Photostreams Uploader and Apple Photostreams Downloader processes listed there.
  • Select the Apple Photostreams Uploader and Apple Photostreams processes and press their End task buttons to close them.
  • Open Run by pressing the Win key + R hotkeyinput ‘%appdata%’ and press the Enter key.
  • Click Apple Computer and open the Media Center directory in File Explorer, and delete everything in the Media Center folder.
  • Reboot or Log out and back into Windows 10.
  • Now open the iCloud control panel again, and double-check the Photos options to ensure they’re configured correctly.

Update iCloud for Windows

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Updating iCloud can also fix numerous issues. The updated version is iCloud for Windows v 5.1, which is also compatible with Outlook 2016 so that it works with that software. If you don’t currently have the latest iCloud version, update it with Apple Software Update.

  • Enter ‘Apple’ in the Cortana search box and select Apple Software Update to open the window below.

  • Then click the iCloud for Windows checkbox.
  • Press the Install 1 item button to update iCloud.
  • Or you could add the latest iCloud to Windows 10 by pressing the Download button on this page. Remove the antiquated iCloud software and replace it with the new version.

So those are a few ways to fix iCloud if it’s not working in Windows 10. This Windows Report article also provides further details on how you can set up iCloud for Windows 10.

A lot of issues were resolved over time with a variety of updates. Now, don’t get us wrong, a majority of iCloud users sticks with Apple’s ecosystem. Thus, the technology giant isn’t too keen on solving out all those quirks and issues on Windows most of the time. However, some of them are rather scarce these days, so keep the app up to date and hope for the best.

Also, don’t forget to tell us about your issues with the iCloud client on Windows 10 in the comments section below.


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