Manage iPhone with iMazing 2, now 50% off this Cyber Monday

Get best deal for iMazing this Cyber Monday

by Alex Serban
Alex Serban
Alex Serban
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iMazing 2
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iMazing 2 is a good software variant for those wishing to properly manage their iPhones from afar. With the help of the app, Apple users can use their Mac or Windows PCs and perform simple or advanced tasks on their smartphone or their tablet.

As of today, thanks to the holiday season upcoming, the deal of iMazing 2 is the best one yet, with new users getting a 50% discount.

Those interested in a fully managed solution will benefit from data backups, saving text messages to their computer, transferring WhatsApp data, migrating pictures and videos to another device, and many more. Here’s the full breakdown of what iMazing 2 can do.

iMazing 2 most important features:

  • iOS backup – backup all of your iPhone or iPad data directly to a Mac or Windows PC device
  • Messages – export text messages (including iMessage) and access them from another device, using filters for message status, subject line or file type of attachments.
  • WhatsApp full data – using iMazing you can easily find group events (when someone joined a group for example), filter messages by their status (sent, delivered, read, deleted), find all sorts of attachments and many more. Works with WhatsApp business as well.
  • Photos – take control back from the cloud and have your pictures saved directly to your device. As a bonus, .HEIC files can also be converted to .JPEG when needed. All of these under a simple import procedure.
  • Music – if you hate using iTunes for managing music files, iMazing 2 can replace that and help you transfer music to any iOS device.
  • Ringtones – remember the days when you could set an audio file directly as your ringtone, without needing to purchase a special file? Well, they are back. Simply import the tune you want and save it as your ringtone.
  • Books – using the Books folder from iMazing, you can now simply drag & drop ePUB and PDF files to your iOS device.
  • Safari – become the web browsing geek you always wanted, by having full access to important Safari events, such as exporting your browsing history and transferring your bookmarks to any other browser.
  • Phone – keeps track of your conversation history and voicemail

And many more. For the full feature breakdown and a taste of their 50% discount deal, head over to iMazing 2’s official page:

Download and try iMazing 2

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