Windows 11 ARM runs surprisingly fast in a UTM virtual machine on the Apple M1

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Tired of running Windows 11 on your Apple M1 through Parallels and want a faster experience?
  • Users that have tried using the UTM virtual machine are more than pleased with their results .
  • Apparently, Microsoft's new operating system runs smoothly and absolutely everything works fine.
  • We've also included a guide on how to do so yourself in this article, in case you want to have a go.
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Ever since Microsoft’s new operating system was revealed to the world, and even before, we’ve been talking about running it on Apple PCs, with the help of Virtual Machines (VM).

Just to emphasize how interested people were, questions about the Windows 11 ARM gaming experience with Parallels date back to last summer.

Users have gotten used to installing it using Parallels, on Apple M1 devices, and the new OS even received exclusive x64 Windows on ARM emulation.

And we’ve seen the latest operating system installed on all sorts of devices, from smartphones to NUCs, so it should come as no surprise.

However, the question now is how well does Windows 11 run on an Apple M1 device, through a UTM VM?

Get ready for a new Windows 11 on Apple M1 experience

Even though Windows 11 doesn’t run badly at all when you emulate it through Parallels, the answer to the question above will surely please you even more.

Now, we couldn’t just provide an answer without consulting the people who tried it first. Apparently, the attempts were all met with success, and the OS performance was an unexpected bonus.

A recent Reddit post that caught our attention, discussing the same subject, further explains just how efficient Windows 11 seems to be on these Apple M1 chips if you use the right VM for the job.

Everything is snappy and fast, including heavier programs like Microsoft Teams. Sound and video also work perfectly.

Now, considering how slow it runs on Microsoft’s own Qualcomm QC710 Windows ARM development kit, this can mostly be attributed to the speed of the M1 platform itself.

The post author said he was running the UTM VM with 8GB of RAM, on a Mac Mini M1 with 16GB of memory.

Also, the insider preview apparently activates fine if you have a KMS server in your workplace, and WSL, Chocolatey (=Homebrew for Windows), and Docker also installed without any issues and runs smoothly.

Needless to say, this is a great option for those of us who also need to run Windows on their Mac for work or otherwise, but can’t do it with Bootcamp, and don’t want to buy Parallels.

Yes, in case you haven’t catched it yet, the VM we mentioned in this article, which UTM, is actually free.

If you also install Windows 11 on your Apple M1 machine using UTM but don’t know exactly where to start and how the process will go, you can follow the official instructions.

This seems to be a great choice for making good use of the Redmond tech giant’s latest OS on an incompatible device.

Have you tried installing Windows 11 using UTM? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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