Intel Releases Graphics Driver Update, Fixes BSODs and Improves Performance

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Shortly after NVidia released a new set of drivers for its graphics cards, to fix the problem with BSODs in Windows 10, Intel also prepared its own similar set of driver updates for devices running the company’s 6th generation processors, including Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

Problems with drivers (especially with graphics cards drivers) are very common on Windows 10, and if you’re using Microsoft’s new operating system, there’s a chance that you already experienced a similar problem yourself. Microsoft has said that it’s aware of the problem, and the company will work with GPU manufacturers to deliver necessary software for eliminating similar problems.

The most common driver-related problem users are encountering in Windows 10 are unexpected BSODs, which is very annoying, but it could also do a lot of damage to users’ work. Users report that BSODs appear randomly, when they’re performing even the simplest tasks, like browsing the internet, or launching a PC game.

Graphics Driver Update for Intel’s 6th Generation Processors

The newly released update for graphic cards on PC’s running Intel’s hardware is aimed only for computers powered by 6th generation of Intel’s processors, as those who run older generations will get the update sometime in the near future.

“This driver is for 6th Generation Intel Core processors, Intel Core M, and related Pentium processors with Intel HD Graphics 510, 515, 520, 530, Intel Iris Graphics 540 and Intel Iris Graphics 550. 4th and 5th Generation Intel Core and related processors are not supported with this driver but will be supported in future drivers.”

The new driver versions are and, and they include some system stability fixes, and users indeed report that after applying the update, BSODs don’t occur as often as before. And the company specifically mentions that the new driver version “reduces the probability of getting a blue screen in certain scenarios.”

The update will arrive to computers with both discrete and integrated graphics, but as we said, the condition to receive this update is to have Intel’s 6th generation processor featured in your computer.

The update could take a while until it arrives to all users, so if you don’t want to wait, you can download it manually from this link.


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