New NVidia Driver Update Fixes BSOD Problem in Windows 10

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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One of the most common issues upon the release of Windows 10 is the problem with drivers, especially graphic card drivers. It’s been almost six months after the release of Windows 10, and we hope you found a compatible driver, or upgraded your computer with a compatible graphic card.

In order to reduce the reports about corrupted driver in Windows 10, NVidia released a new WHQL driver update for its graphics cards. This new set of drivers should solve the common driver problems with GeForce graphics card, as well as improve the overall reliability of the system.

“NVIDIA continues to work closely with VR headset and game developers to deliver amazing VR games and applications. This Game Ready driver includes the latest GameWorks VR tweaks, bug fixes, and optimizations to ensure you have the ultimate VR gaming experience.

NVidia WHQL Driver Fixes BSOD Issues in Windows 10

People who had driver-related problems in Windows 10 mostly reported that BSOD occasionally appears while they’re working on their computer. These BSODs appear when users are performing seemingly usual tasks, like playing games, watching movies, browsing the internet, etc. Also sometimes, a system freezes without a BSOD and without prompting any error message, so the only solution is to restart the computer.

Since the reports about this problem with BSODs on computers running NVidia’s graphic cards started to appear, the company heard the voice of its users, and it finally provided a fixing update.

If you’re running Windows 10 on a computer with GeForce card, you can download the latest NVidia GeForce Graphics Driver 361.43 right now, from this link. In case you notice any bugs or issues, you can always roll back to the previous version.

However, there’s a chance that BSODs might have nothing to do with your graphics card, if you find out that this is the case, you can check out our article about solving BSOD problems in Windows 10.