You can now access IE from Chromium-Edge browser

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According to Microsoft‘s latest update, users can now access  Internet Explorer from the all-new Chromium-Edge browser.

The new Edge is still in the public beta testing stage on Mac OS and Windows 10. But the preview models can be downloaded on both operating systems.

The tech giant recently shifted its EdgeHTML browser to Chromium. Although Chromium was supposed to appear the same as the original browser and retain most features, it obviously couldn’t.

Since not all the features of the old app can be retained, having access to Internet Explorer becomes a must.

Chromium features a Enable IE integration flag as it was in the previous version. Any tester who wants to try this beta version of new Edge needs to enable the flag.

This flag was specially added to “enable IE integration” allowing the users to open dedicated tabs on the browser. These exclusive tabs on the browser would then run with the help of the Internet Explorer‘s Engine.

However, it appears that the flag has been enabled in the latest version of the Microsoft Edge (Canary) only recently.

How to enable IE integration on Chromium-Edge

  1. Go to Edge
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Click More tools
  4. Open Show this page using Internet Explorer

Once the IE integration flag is enabled, users can open any website in the Internet Explorer mode.

So, those companies using IE to develop apps and services for internal purposes can now run them even on Chromium.

But currently, users would need administrator rights to access Internet Explorer on the new Edge. This calls for opening the browser as an administrator or with administrator permission.

Browser issues in IE mode

While using the new Edge with IE mode enabled, users may come across this error: Can’t open this page in Internet Explorer mode. Try reinstalling Microsoft Edge with administrator privileges.

This error pops up when users try to load a web page on the browser in IE mode.

However, Chromium-Edge is still work in progress. We expect Microsoft to fix these issues in the coming weeks.



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