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After it has been replaced by Microsoft Edge, a lot of people forgot about Internet Explorer. Even Microsoft didn’t pay much attention to it in Windows 10, because it’s nowhere to be found in Windows 10 at first look.

But, IE is still present, and if you want to open it for some reason, here’s how to do that.
internet explorer in windows 10


How do I get to Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

Method 1: Use Cortana

It’s very easy, actually, you can find Internet Explorer just like you do everything else in Windows 10, with Cortana. So, go to Search, type internet explorer and Cortana will show you disputed Microsoft’s browser.

You can normally open it by clicking on it, but you can also pin it to taskbar or Start Menu, if you want to open it later. Just right-click on Internet Explorer and choose Pin to Start Menu or Pin to taskbar.

Method 2: Use File Location

Also, if you want to experiment a little, you can right-click on it and choose Open file location. This will tell you exactly where Internet Explorer is placed.

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Method 3: Go to Windows Accessories

Also, you can access it from Start Menu, under Windows Accessories folder, where it is placed with other Windows accessories, like Paint or Notepad.

So, as you can see, Internet Explorer didn’t disappear from Windows 10 completely. But, all the attention is centered to Edge, so you probably won’t even notice that Internet Explorer is there.

Microsoft intrigued a lot of users when it decided to replace Internet Explorer with Edge, because even the company knew that people weren’t satisfied with Internet Explorer at all.

And for now, reviews of Microsoft Edge are quite positive, but it has to be like that, because Edge is probably Microsoft‘s last chance to succeed with default browsers in its operating systems.

Even if you are the greatest Internet Explorer fan in the world, it`s better to use a better modern browser instead: Edge, Chrome, Firefox or privacy-oriented browsers. Modern browsers feature the latest security improvements so that you can safely use the internet. On the other hand, Internet Explorer is vulnerable to many threats  so choose wisely.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft Edge? Is it worthy successor of Internet Explorer, or Microsoft missed the thing again? Tell us your impressions and thoughts in the comments.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2015 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.


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