How to Access Internet Explorer in Windows 10 [File Location]

Regain access to the old default browser on your PC easily

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  • You can't easily find Internet Explorer anymore because Microsoft has replaced it from the taskbar with Edge browser.
  • If you have wondered where Internet Explorer is in Windows 10, you can try to search it manually.
  • After finding IE, you can pin it back to the taskbar to be at your fingertips when needing it again.
internet explorer file location
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You can find Internet Explorer in every Microsoft Windows version, starting with Windows 95. It is the first web browser developed by Microsoft and included in the OS.

Microsoft intrigued a lot of users when it decided to replace Internet Explorer with Edge. But a change was needed because even the company knew about users’ dissatisfaction with the old browser.

As things stand, reviews of Microsoft Edge are quite positive, with users rating it among the best browsers for all devices. This is not surprising as Edge is probably Microsoft’s last chance to create a fitting default browser for its operating systems.

Since Edge has replaced it, the Internet Explorer browser is almost nonexistent on Windows 10. It is nowhere to be found on the taskbar or the start menu.

However, IE is still present on Windows PC. And if you want to open it for some reason, this guide contains the steps to follow.

Where is Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

Internet Explorer is located among the programs on your PC. You can find the browser from the start menu in another folder.

Also, to get to the location of the Internet Explorer file, you need to go through your hard disk partition and check the program files. We will show you how to do this later in this guide.

Can I still download Internet Explorer for Windows 10?

Internet Explorer comes with your Windows 10 browser by default. So, you don’t need to download the browser.

You only need to know how to find and use it on your PC.

Can you still install Internet Explorer?

You can still install Internet Explorer on Windows 10, but not with a standalone installer or any downloaded tool.

Instead, if you can’t find the browser by default on your device, you will need to enable it as a feature. With this, you will be able to use it.

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How do I access Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

1. Use Cortana

  1. Press the Windows key + S and type internet explorer.
  2. Click on Internet Explorer to open it.
    search box internet explorer file location
  3. Also, you can right-click on it and select Pin to taskbar or Pin to Start to access it later.

You can find Internet Explorer just like you do everything else in Windows 10, with Cortana. However, it is advisable to pin the browser to make it easier to access later.

2. Go to IE file location

  1. Open File Explorer and click the Local disk (C:).
    local disk
  2. Select Program Files (x86).
    program files
  3. Select the Internet Explorer folder.
    option internet explorer file location
  4. Double-click iexplore to open the browser.

All programs installed on your computer are in the Programs files folder on the Windows partition. Therefore, you can locate the Internet Explorer folder on that partition, following the file path above on Windows 10.

3. Go to Windows Accessories

You can also access internet Explorer from Start Menu. It is not located at the letter I as you may think but under the Windows Accessories folder.

On the Start Menu, it is placed alongside other Windows accessories, like Paint or Notepad. So, to open it, navigate to the letter W, click on the Windows Accessories folder, and then select Internet Explorer.

Why can’t I see Internet Explorer in Program and Features?

If you can’t find Internet Explorer in the program and features on your PC, it is most likely because you have uninstalled or disabled it.

The only way to find it is to enable it from optional features in the settings on your PC. With this, you will be able to use the browser.

So, as you can see, Internet Explorer didn’t disappear from Windows 10 completely. But, all the attention is centered on Edge, so you probably won’t even notice that Internet Explorer is there.

Even if you are the greatest Internet Explorer fan in the world, it’s better to use a better modern browser instead: Opera, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or privacy-oriented browsers.

Modern browsers feature the latest security improvements so that you can safely use the internet. On the other hand, Internet Explorer is vulnerable to many threats, so choose wisely.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft Edge? Is it a worthy successor of Internet Explorer, or has Microsoft missed the thing again? Let us know your impressions and thoughts in the comments below.

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