iPad Air vs Windows 8, 10 Tablets: a Short Analysis

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Windows 8 vs. iPad Air

Comparing Windows 8 tablets with other devices might be useful when trying to choose the best device on a fair price tag. Of course if you are on a budget you can buy an Android tablet, but let’s be honest that’s not an alternative in case you prefer good and quality devices. Because of that I have decided to compare Apple’s best tablet in 2013, the iPad Air, with Windows 8 tablets.
ipad air vs windows 8
Apple is, as we all know, one of the best developers and manufacturers when it comes to portable devices like tablets or smartphones. Apple is also the first company that released a device, the iPhone, which could be used just like a computer, with internet access and with everything else in that matter, that moment being the first step made in the mobile technology industry. Since then, Google had managed to bring something quite similar with the launch of Android OS, though the devices that are featuring Android OS are not that spectacular.

Preliminary debate

So, we can only conclude that Apple is really competing only with Microsoft, especially if we consider the advanced users who know what to appreciate when it comes to operating systems and with dedicated apps and tools – we can debate this subject for days, but this is not the topic of our review. In order to point that out, during the lines from below, I will compare the iPad Air with  Windows 8 tablets, in what I like to call iPad Air vs. Windows 8 tablets. Why am I doing this? Well, I think we all want to know if Apple, with its most appreciated iOS tablet of 2013, is better than Microsoft, which has presented great Windows 8 tablets for 2014.

Windows 8 tablets vs. iPad Air

So, can we compare only one tablet with the all Windows 8 devices? We can, if we want to decide in which platform to use when buying a new tablet: Microsoft windows 8 tablets vs ipad airor iOS. First of all, iPad Air is similar in performances with the iPhone 5C as Apple decided to equip the tablet with the same 64-bit A7 processor and Retina display. When we first see iPad Air we notice one thing: the tablet is light and thin; it can be easily used with one hand only – which is usually difficult especially when talking about 10 inch devices.

But do we have something similar with Windows 8? Of course we have and an example in that matter can be the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or the Panasonic Toughpad 4K. All these tablets, including the iPad Air can be easily transformed into a laptop as you can attach a light, though extremely useful, keyboard and you can install dedicated apps for business area or just for your own entertainment. When coming to Apple, the most used apps that I can think of are Evernote, Mr. Reader, Safari, Tweetbot, or Gmail, while on Microsoft and Windows 8 you can anytime use Evernote, NextGen Reader, Internet Explorer, or Windows Mail.

What makes the difference is that with Windows 8 and also with Microsoft you can choose the device that you prefer the most. Let me explain you: with Apple you can buy only the iPad Air, which is Apple’s best tablet in 2013, while if you choose Microsoft you can buy a tablet made by Lenovo, Asus, Panasonic and so on. You can buy the device based on your budget or on the performances you want to obtain. You can choose a device that aims the business segment, or you can get a tablet for daily activities. All these tablets will feature Windows 8 and great dedicates apps and tools, while on Apple you can’t be able to do something similar.

The price is another important aspect when we compare Apple iPad Air with Windows 8 tablets. As we know, iPad Air is priced at £400 / $499, which can be too much for some users. In that matter, you can buy a budget friendly Windows 8 tablet – you can get high end performances by spending less money. If you still can’t decide in which platform to use, or if you are still having doubts in choosing a Windows 8 tablet, then you can read our next review: best Windows 8 tablets of 2014. In case you want to talk with our team, or if you want to obtain further details related to the Windows 8 system, don’t hesitate and email us, or use the comments field from below.

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