Windows 10 tablets for $300 or less: Grab one now! [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
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best windows 10 tablets under $300

This is the season for getting the best deals and discounts on some of the best items, which you probably couldn’t have afforded when they first hit the market.

Now you can gift yourself or a loved one, and not feel guilty about spending after all.


In the spirit of sharing the best deals you can get for different tech and electronic stuff, here are the best Windows 10 tablets for $300 or less.

Best Windows 10 tablets for $300 or less

1. ALLDOCUBE Windows 10 tablet

best Windows 10 tablets for $300

As its name implies, this is a tablet that lets you do all you want in one cube.

It is among one of the best Windows 10 tablets for $300 or less category with rich user experience, reliable connection, and large capacity.

Features include Windows 10 operating system, detachable keyboard, Intel Atom processor and Quad-core CPU for unbeatable performance, 4GB RAM with support for 128GB micro SD card, so you can play games faster with smoother images and vivid display, 10 inch IPS touch screen with HD display and wide viewing, front and rear camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB 3.0 and micro HDMI.

Play games, watch videos, listen to music, and download your favorite apps in one tablet – the ALLDOCUBE.

2. Chuwi Hi10 Windows 10 tablet

best Windows 10 tablets for $300

Chuwi Hi10 tablet makes for one of the best Windows 10 tablets for $300 or less as it has a dual operating system with Windows 10, hence you get an excellent interface, compatibility, and running effect.

Features include Intel Cherry Trail, 64bit Quad Core and graphics processor for better performance and power for multitasking, meaning you can play games faster, and watch videos better. It has 4GB and 6GB storage plus support for a TF card of up to 128GB, thus offers superfast surfing, video playing, and 3D game playing experience.

Whether you need it for work, play or study, Chuwi will do it for you.


Other features include a 10 inch, IPS screen with HDMI output, Bluetooth 4.0 for fast data and file transfers, and delicate design for comfortable touch, and portability.

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3.  Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows 10 Tablet

Windows 10 Fusion5 tablet

This is a thin, light and well-balanced tablet that comes with Windows 10 S operating system.

It features a 10.8 touchscreen that’s perfect for viewing  TV shows, movies, Youtube and playing games. Other specs include:  4GB RAM, 128GB storage, USB 3.0, Intel, 5MP and 2MP cameras.

Expect a battery life of up to 10 good hours, so you can work for a full day without it going off on you (depending on your usage). This tablet really hits the mark when it comes to performance.

The ports and slots on the backplate of the tablet are nice to touch, with a brilliant and responsive display, coupled with Intel Quad-core processing capability for a smoother feel when running Windows 10 S.

Other great features this tablet offers include good sound playback quality, Wi-Fi connectivity, smooth video streaming playback, Bluetooth 4.0 and solid auto-rotation when toggling between portrait and landscape display.

It also pairs up well with other accessories, which makes it one of the best Windows 10 tablets for less than $300 you can get, plus it comes in a nice silver shade that easily blends with other gadgets.

4.  Jumper Ezpad Mini5 Windows 10 tablet

Jumper Ezpad Mini5 Windows 10 tablet

This is an 8-inch, 1920 × 1200 full-view IPS high-definition display tablet that comes equipped with Windows 10.

Some of its features that make this one of the best Windows 10 tablets for under $300 and 2.0MP front camera, Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI, and a built-in 4500mAh lithium polymer battery.

Other specs include Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 quad-core processor with 2GB DDR3L RAM and 32GB EMMC memory.

This tablet combines the processing power of a laptop with the portability, and functionality of a tablet, being a hybrid PC, and the touchscreen is detachable so you get the best of both worlds.

The Intel Cherry Trail Quad-Core processor that powers this tablet ensures you enjoy fast speed and responsiveness for fast performance, to fulfill tasks such as:

  • Video chatting without lags or delays
  • Taking notes on the screen with any stylus pen
  • Playing immersive 3D games
  • Watching movies
  • Easy and seamless switch from laptop to tablet and vice versa
  • Transfer files with full or micro USB
  • Take quality photos and videos
  • Do presentations by connecting via HDMI to larger screens

It is portable, lightweight, compact, and boasts up to 6 hours of battery power.

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