Here’s how to fix IPVanish error 1200 pops-up

By: Aleksandar Ognjanovic
4 minute read
ipvanish error 1200

Fix IPVanish error code 1200 using these solutions

  1. Try logging in again
  2. Repair the driver installation
  3. Change server
  4. Select different VPN protocol
  5. Check Firewall and antivirus
  6. Reinstall IPVanish

A couple of years ago, the choices in the VPN market were scarce, but that changed quickly. In the light of recent events, lots of VPN services managed to get their piece of the pie. One of those who is well-known is IPVanish VPN, which is a US-based VPN service. This service has a lot of good things going for it and, like so many others, it’ll rarely leave you hanging. However, there’s no software without issues. A commonly reported error which plagues IPVanish VPN users goes by the code 1200.

This error appears in multiple instances, but most of the symptoms point towards a connection problem. We enlisted some solutions for the error below, so if you’re keen on fixing it on your own before reaching to a support team, check them out.

How to fix error 1200 in IPVanish VPN

1: Try logging in again

All network-related VPN issues have a large spectrum of possible culprits. The complex resolution isn’t always the one you should follow through. At least, not until you’ve tried out the simpler ones. The first solution we can suggest is to just sign in and sign out. Now, in addition to that, we also encourage you to check your status on the official customer site, here.

If everything is fine and you’re able to access the web-based IPVanish hub without any problems, but the error reappears, continue with the enlisted steps.

2: Repair the driver installation

If you’ve made some critical system changes, like Windows 10 upgrade or refresh, there’s the chance that the IPVanish integration is broken. Or, to be exact, the VPN driver is broken. This can be addressed by simply repairing the installation. Now, instead of relying on the system resources, IPVanish offers the repair function inside the VPN client. Once run, this dedicated tool should fix the VPN driver.

If you’re not sure how to run this integrated tool, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the IPVanish VPN client.
  2. Choose Settings from the left pane.
  3. Select Connection.
  4. Click Install/Repair.

3: Change server

If the client fails to connect and the error appears, we suggest switching the server. There’s always the chance that a certain server is down and thus the connection cracks. IPVanish offers lots of servers based all around the world, so if one won’t work (overcrowded or temporarily out of reach), you can always try an alternative.

Follow these steps to change server on IPVanish to a different one:

  1. Open the IPVanish VPN client.
  2. Select the Server list from the left pane.
  3. Choose a different fitting server from the list and connect.

4: Select different VPN protocol

Besides the server selection, there’s also the option of choosing what VPN security protocol you want to use. Some offer a faster traffic while others offer better encryption and are more secure. Either way, due to various reasons (your IPS blocking certain protocols is the most common), the more secure protocols might stop working. The OpenVPN protocol is the middle ground, but we suggest trying out various protocols until you find the functional one. That will, at least, give you a better insight into the problem.

Follow these instructions to switch VPN protocols in IPVanish:

  1. Open the IPVanish VPN client.
  2. Choose Settings from the left pane.
  3. Select the Connection tab.
  4. Under the Active protocol section, expand the drop-down menu and choose a different protocol from the list.
  5. Restart the client and look for improvements.

5: Check Firewall and antivirus

Another possible reason for an IPVanish failure lies in Windows Firewall or a third-party antivirus with the dedicated firewall. Those tend to block VPNs on regular basis. Some antivirus solutions more than others. Thus, what you need to do is make sure IPVanish is allowed free access without limitations.

In order to do address the “antivirus” part, you can either disable the antivirus’ firewall temporary or whitelist IPVanish. On the other hand, to tweak Windows Firewall, follow the steps we provided below:

  1. In the Windows Search bar, type Allow and open “Allow an app through Windows Firewall“.
  2. Click “Change settings“.ipvanish error 1200
  3. Locate IPVanish and check both  “Private”  and “Public” boxes.
  4. Confirm changes.

There’s also a remote chance that your router has an active built-in firewall. Make sure to disable it and look for changes, as well.

6: Reinstall IPVanish

Finally, if none of the steps proved useful, we can only suggest the reinstallation as the last resort. Of course, this is what we can advise as a third-party side to an end-user. The best way to deal with any issue related to VPN lies in the customer support. This is a specific niche and has a fair share of issues. But, if you choose a premium service with a great customer support, they can make it work and enrich the experience. IPVanish, based on reviews, has mixed ratings. But, it should be good enough either way.

With that said, we can conclude this article. In case you have any additional questions or suggestions, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.


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